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  1. I splurge on travel. I try to take a long weekend getaway every 3-4 months with my husband. I've found that it recharges my batteries, and my marriage has never been happier.
  2. Loves2scrub

    Transplant Nurses: looking for information

    In the renal transplant clinic I work at there are currently 3 pre and 2 post transplant coordinators. We do see our patients in clinic. The post coordinators also work up living donors.
  3. Loves2scrub

    Is $28,000 worth it becoming a Surgical Tec

    Before I was a nurse, I was a surgical technologist. I went to a local community college, and got my certification for under $5,000. I couldn't imagine paying the amount you quoted. I would encourage you to research the starting salary for a surg tech before you sign up. When I started out, it was like $16 an hour. Best of luck, whatever you decide.
  4. Loves2scrub

    Burnout - School

    I hit the wall hard in my third semester of nursing school. Like many people, I had a family and a full time job. The days I thought about giving up far outweighed the days I didn't. I got through it by giving myself small goals to reach. Sometimes my goal was just to make it through one more day. It's been two years since I graduated, and honestly I'm still in shock that I made it. However, I am greatful every day that I stuck it out. I have a job I enjoy, and an income that allows me to travel on my time off. In short, there is no magic trick other than to just keep going. One day you will be so glad you did.
  5. i really like this suggestion. I would love to have some some face to face time with our centers. I'm going to suggest this at our next meeting. Thank you so much for replying.
  6. This is a great idea. Thank you so much.
  7. I am a new renal transplant coordinator. I see some room for improvement in our clinics relationships with dialysis centers. We currently update the centers with patients testing schedules, an update letter with any referrals that have been made, and a copy of the listing or closeout letter. I believe that no one knows these patients like their dialysis nurses. I want to foster a relationship to provide a better collaboration of care. Can you tell me what you, as a dialysis nurse, wish you had from your transplant centers?
  8. Loves2scrub

    Graduating nursing school in May but I just want to scrub.

    in the OR I was in, new nurses were brought in through the peri-op nurse intern program. These nurses would train to circulate first, then learn to scrub if they wanted too. We did not work in holding, or the PACU. My facility originally would train nurses to first assist after a period of time. Now, however, they prefer OR nurses who have completed RNFA certification.
  9. Loves2scrub

    Graduating nursing school in May but I just want to scrub.

    I agree with previous posters about finishing your BSN. I was a scrub tech for 12 years before I went to nursing school. I loved it for many years, but the day eventually came when I wanted to do something else. If I had never became a nurse, I would not have had the opportunity to do other things. Circulating is not as glamorous as scrubbing, but it is still a great skill to add to your resume. Being able to both scrub and circulate will make you a better OR nurse. After I got my license, I still mainly scrubbed because that was my preference, and my facility needed scrubs. Taking a scrub position for less money is crazy talk! Get that BSN and find a place who will use you as a scrub while making every penny you are worth!
  10. Loves2scrub

    Salary in FL

    Some hospitals may choose to give you half credit for your time spent as a surgical technologist. For example, I was a surg tech for 13 years, and my facility started me out as an OR nurse with 6 years experience on the payscale. It's definitely worth finding out your hospital's policy.
  11. Loves2scrub

    Is it worth it?? Surgical tech to RN

    I was a surgical tech for 13 years before I decided to go back to nursing school. I was bored with the repetition, and felt there was no room for growth. Getting my BSN was one of my proudest accomplishments. It was difficult with a family and working part time at night, but it was so worth it. I worked for about a year as a circulator/scrub before I realized I wanted out of the OR. I moved to a different speciality a few months ago, and I love it. I am so thankful that I took the opportunity to go to nursing school. I feel like my options are unlimited. I wish you the best in whatever you decide.
  12. Loves2scrub

    Surgical Tech in 2015

    I was a surgical tech for 13 years before I graduated nursing school in May 2014. I was happy scrubbing for a long time. My starting salary was $16, and I ended up at $21 and some change. I specialize in cardiac, and it is mentally and physically challenging. However, it can be very, very rewarding. The job market for tech's in my area seems to be pretty good. Call varies depending on how the OR is staffed, and how many people take the call. Fewer staff equals more call.
  13. Loves2scrub


    My CVOR team is like family. We are a small group that spends hours upon hours together. Sometimes tempers do flair, but almost always at the end of the day, it is behind us. I have heard from new people that it can be tough to break into the group, but once you're in, everything is fine. As far as pay goes, my facility does offer a $2 cardiac differential. As for marketability, over the years, I have went on several interviews, and been offered the position every time, but at the end of the day I wasn't ready to leave my CVOR family just yet.
  14. If I could wave a magic wand, and change anything about the OR I work in, it would be how cases are scheduled. I work in a cardio-thoracic OR with 6 surgeons. Cases are boarded inconsistently. By that I mean, have a ton of cases on one day, and none the next. It is hard to schedule the correct number of staff on any given day. I work 12 hours of overtime one day, and then am sent home low census the next. It is a big source of discontentment for the staff, not to mention, a big drain on the budget due to overtime being paid out. When we are busy, we do not have enough nurses, but when we are slow, we have too many. Due to the fluctuations, Management says the numbers do not justify hiring more people. I feel like if cases were spread out more throughout the week, I would have less days of no lunch during the busy times, and cases to do during the slower times, instead of flexing off when I can't afford it. I realise not every case is elective, and some things you cannot plan for. However, I think if we better managed the cases that are scheduled weeks in advance, the day would go smoother in the OR.
  15. I was a surgical tech for 12 years before I went to nursing school. In my case, I was offered a job as a RN in my OR after graduation. The hospital I work for also gave me half credit for my number of years worked as a ST, and I started out as a nurse with 6 years of experience on the pay scale. That being said, I wish I would have went directly into nursing school. I had plans of getting my surgical tech certification, and then applying to a nursing program immediately. But, life happened, and I didn't. Twelve years and two children passed before I enrolled in classes again. My advice is to just go for the RN right off the bat. Don't take the chance that life can get in the way. I know of several hospitals in my area that offer OR intern positions for experienced nurses and new grads alike. I think getting your surgical tech certificate to become an OR nurse is taking the long way around the mountain so to speak. Best of luck to you in whatever you decide.
  16. Loves2scrub

    Education/orientation for Scrub Techs

    The scrub tech orientation in our OR is 12 weeks. We do cardiothoracic cases only. If the tech has no cardiac experience, the orientation period may be extended. They are typically assigned to one main preceptor and one back up preceptor. Our facility currently does not offer a differential for precepting, but did in the past. When the differential was offered, it was for RN's only. I was a tech at the time, and i admit it did hurt my feelings a little that the differential was not extended to the technicians.