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  1. 0 I am having trouble grasping concepts, anyone have study secrets?
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    I did a lot of artwork for F&E. My dry erase board got a workout.
    Something about drawing little particles in various concentrations and arrows showing the direction they'd move was very helpful for me.

    I also used Fluid and Electrolytes Made Incredibly Easy. Definitely recommend it.

    Is there anything in particular you're struggling with?
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    I have a big test on this topic coming up on Thursday so I'm trying to organize this as best I can. I did buy a pocket guide to help with my studying.
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    I got a fluid and electrolyte pocket guide from B&N for $20, and I have flash cards. We have a test on this info this week too.
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    you tube can be a students best tool for breaking down the complicated.
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    If you give us an idea of what concepts, specifically, we can be a lot more helpful.
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    Fluid and electrolytes is difficult to grasp! I always found that searching on YouTube or for PowerPoints on Google was helpful. As above posters stated, what do you specifically need help with?

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