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  1. I'm starting nursing school MONDAY!! I just got all my books last week for my 1st semester and have already started reading them and taking notes. Fundamentals and Nutrition. I also got my Med-Surge books but not really sure when that all starts. So, is it overkill to be reading and taking notes before I get into the classes? Will the professors pick and choose what they want to teach in the books? I'm super excited and want to get as 'ahead' as I can in knowing the material. I also got a Diagnostic Laboratory Test w/ Nursing Implications book and just started looking over it too. Is it good to go into class with an idea of what they are teaching?
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  3. by   CrazierThanYou
    Yes it is overkill. You have no idea what your instructor is going to ask you to read. We skipped all over the book and changed from book to book. It wasn't like a start reading it at the beginning and read through to the end kind of thing. Believe me, you'll be drowning in reading assignments before you know it.
  4. by   mistyvenne
    yes, that's what I'm afraid of [the skipping all over the place]. I know nursing school is VERY demanding.
  5. by   CrazierThanYou
    We definitely skipped all over. Our reading assignments might go like this: Ch. 2, 78, 5, 6, 34 21, along with certain page numbers out of 10 other chapters and then some chapters out of another text.
  6. by   BelleNscrubs04
    Even if your teachers skip all over the place it can't hurt to be familiar with the material. I don't think it's overkill, I think it's responsible and smart.
  7. by   zoey88
    my school assigned us lots of reading to complete over the summer which bounced around all over the books. But if you really must read anything you should try reading some of the basic things such as assessment and hygiene chapters which are two of the numerous chapters that were assigned 2 me. good luck
  8. by   Hospice Nurse LPN
    I have to admit, I've been reading some patho/pharm. I took the class in the spring, but had to drop out at mid term. So I kinda know what to start reviewing. Good luck in school!
  9. by   sunny0009
    Relax, enjoy the weekend and go into school refreshed. Believe me, nothing you read in the next day or two is going to get you that far ahead.
  10. by   MammaNurse2Be
    We have quite a lot of reading due the first day. And we have to go in this Thursday from 1-4 to watch videos.( school doesn't start till the 22nd) I have made 100 notecards already from a PowerPoint we are reviewing the first day. I'd certainly try to read. Being over prepared never hurt anyone. Just my opinion.
  11. by   FLhusker
    I start my ADN program next week. Over the past month or so I have read the entire Foundations book and am half way through Calculate With Confidence. I have also viewed many procedure videos. I can tell you that my stress level has gone WAY down after doing all of this. I feel like I will understand some of what they are talking about. And I won't have to read the chapters word for word since I already did it.
    I have no medical background whatsoever so I really wanted to not feel so overwhelmed the first few weeks.
  12. by   turnforthenurse
    Yes, it is overkill. Your instructor may choose different topics than what you're reading on, or may want you to focus only on specific areas. Nursing school is tough and you really don't have time for anything except to go to class/clinical, study your butt off, eat, and maybe get some sleep. Just enjoy your free time now because when the semester starts you will be wishing you had it!

    If you really want to review and get a head start, I would brush up on your A&P. But that's it.
  13. by   mistyvenne
    thanks everyone! i don't want to stress myself out since i'm sure there will be plenty of that in the months ahead i hear the notecards thing! i won't have to take micro until spring semester and i've already been pulling notes from a site i used for A&P (phenomenal site.. http://www.midlandstech.edu/science/kelleherk/)
    I'm not working anymore and have a 2 year old and busy husband. I just don't want to get bogged down in trying to get all the reading in and avoid my family, but for some reason, I think that is exactly what will be happening for the next 5 semesters..
  14. by   CrazierThanYou
    I'm sure some will disagree and everyone's experiences are different but I've completed 3/5ths of my program and really, I haven't found nursing school to be the hell that most people make it out to be. Yeah, there is tons and tons of reading. Yes, we've had to write careplans. Yes, the exams are hard but really, I can't say it has been much harder than my first degree, which is in elementary education. I've heard people say that you won't see your family for 2 years. That hasn't been the case for me. Of course, these last two semesters could very well change all that!

    Where do you go to school?