Do I really need ebooks?

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    I was given a tentative book list and told that I would need to buy a set from the school for a "discount" for $1,700, including ebooks. I think the ebooks are more for my help, but they make it seem like it's required.

    I don't really know a nice way of asking, "Do I really need the ebooks?" I already bought all the books, some older editions for some after comparing the table of contents. I really don't like ebooks for studying.

    I understand the books are huge. I wouldn't want to carry all of them to class, but how often will I be reading in class anyway? And would I really need to bring multiple books?

    Any information about books is helpful. Like did you use all the books you had to buy?

    Thank you for your time! It is very much appreciated

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    You don't need the e books. They always try to push that "discount bundle" on you but it isn't necessary. You might need to purchase online access to the nursing lab, but you won't need the e book.
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    I can't see why you would need ebooks. We had a book list of about 10-11 books, but we only used one in class usually. The rest were for reference in writing papers and doing case studies, including but not limited to, our psychosocial book, drug book, lab & diagnostic tests book, nursing process book, physical assessment book, diseases & disorders book, etc. I put all of mine in a laundry basket and put that basket in the trunk of my car so I would always have them at school in case I needed them.
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    I never buy anything from the school bookstore... there's nothing there that I can't find elsewhere cheaper.

    Personally, I don't even like reading a regular book on an ebook let alone a nursing book. I wouldn't do it personally
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    Of my original nursing books, the only ones I still have are the eBooks. I do peruse them on occasion... much more than I ever did the hard copies.

    I prefer hold a real book, for sure, and I do find them easier to read but eBooks offer so much more because of the live searching and the portability.

    I never brought books to class.
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    We had the same deal for our ebooks. The thing with ours was that it actually was cheaper to do it the ebook way unless you were renting and the fact that they came with extras even after being cheaper was good. But there is no reason you have to buy the ebooks if you have found a cheaper way of doing it. They certainly make it more convenient (I can search all my textbooks simultaneously if I need help, they are not heavy, and have mobile versions on my ipod for clinical reference) but a lot of my classmates like the tangible copies and are still passing everything. So it's really up to you.
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    I'm a fan of ebooks. I use my iPad for absolutely everything at school and love that no matter where I am or what I'm doing, all of my books are with me. I'm not sure if I'd feel so strongly about that if I hadn't discovered I have spinal fractures in my first semester. I do prefer having an actual book in my hand, but to have them wi me at all times is still wonderful. We've had textbooks for the specialty classes that weren't in our original bundle and I've bought the print and ebook for them all. I just love it that much!
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    I had to buy ebooks (at least a drug guide) for use at clinical sites. You don't have to be nice when asking "Are the ebooks required?" Just ask! If they say they are required, ask when and where you will be using them. You may be able to buy them online for much less.
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    Thanks! Are they for laptops? Can I put them on multiple devices? And I will ask them when I start about ebooks.
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    I would say no. I hate ebooks though personally. I hate staring at a screen for school reading. I just prefer something to hold in my hand and flip the pages.

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