Do I have any options?

  1. I have a useless bachelors degree. In 15 years I have never found employment in my field and have had a string of fast food jobs to Help my husband sustain our family. I began the track towards nursing and got a job as a nurses assistant. I love my job. I got mono last semester (semester two of clinical for me in my ADN program) and was forced to take that semester off.

    In that time, my husband left. And yes he pays court appointed child and spousal support, I am still running out of money every single paycheck. I only pay for essentials barring a Mc Donald's frozen coffee once or twice a week when I have to be up for 24 hours straight for work.

    I just did the math. After rent, I have 200 dollars left. My childcare provider for clinical is 100 a week. That leaves nothing for groceries. I am facing the stark reality that after working toward this goal for ten years, stopping every time my husband pitched a fit, only to try and return later, that I may not be able to finish.

    My job's education plan is 1k a year and the expectation you will sign on for 3 years each time they give it to you. They do not pay ahead. I would have to pay out of pocket and they would reimburse if my grades are fine.

    I seriously contemplated a second job, but with my kids and their therapies (2 high functioning ASD) it would be a moot put because all study time would be gone.

    I just don't know what to do.

    I contemplated an online degree but hear so much negative about them, and I had to purchase a computer through my bookstore, just so I could use my financial aid as I had no money for the purchase. If I drop out this semester I am stuck paying the college back for the computer and not sure how that will affect my financial aid. I will obviously not have the funds to pay for it until I have my degree.

    I just don't know what to do at this point and am pretty down and out and overwhelmed thinking about it all.
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  3. by   Griffin123
    Absolutely there are options! The trick is to do a lot of research. Off the top of my head, here are some of my thoughts:

    - Do not take out educational assistance with your employer.
    - Check into getting food stamps or any other benefit you can get. Even if you don't think you may qualify. Make the appointment and sit down and talk with them. Even if they can't/won't give you any (or any more) they may be able to point you in the right direction to another agency that can help.
    - Many states have educational assistance programs that are often overlooked. Search these out.
    - There may be additional state benefits that you may qualify for because you have children. These can help ease your burden. And again, even if you call around and they can't help you can ask them if there are any other agencies they know of that might be able to do something.
    - Talk with your Financial Aid department. Ask for more $$. I they say, "No" then ask them if there are any other federal or state programs you can take advantage of.
    - Call The Federal Student Aid information center at (800) 433-3243. Ask them if there is anything else you may qualify for. A link to their contact us page is here:
    - As a last resort, consider taking out private loans. I stress the "As a last resort" part. There are places that will loan money to you with no cosigner. They will have a higher interest rate but they are out there.

    Hope this helps. Good luck to you!
  4. by   twigszoo
    I definitely agree with the above poster, at this point loans & other assistence are your friend. I know my college offers a scholarship for single mothers, I would try looking for those maybe, and other grants as well. Don't give up, there are options out there.
  5. by   bear14
    I have degree and I applied for a loan through and I know it would cover day care as well. It wont cover books but at least you have that option. It is a government loan. I am going through an ADN program.
  6. by   Stoogesfan
    Agree with the previous posters. Also some states will actually help pay child care expenses as well.

    Good luck ((hugs))
  7. by   ShaeMarie
    Look into the Workforce Investment Act training program through your local Department of Labor. It's federally funded and used to finance training for displaced workers or low income adults. They pay for tuition, books, supplies, and childcare. Even if they are low in funds now, get the ball rolling (you have to qualify and complete assessments/workshops before funds are disbursed) because the fiscal year and new funding will start on the first of October. Good luck in searching different avenues. You seem to be having a tough time.
  8. by   LCinTraining
    I get less than 100 in food stamps monthly.
    Childcare assistance requires already established daycare and a five month wait.

    My student loans I will only receive half of until the semester is through. That will all go to tuition and the bookstore the first half and I will get no reimbursement until the semester is over.

    There does not seem to be any help that will come now. I've out a week into class. I will not be allowed back into the program if I drop again. And yet, I barely have enough to pay for one week of childcare if these kids are going to eat.

    I have contacted every resource I can find and I seem to be in that loophole where you make just slightly over the cut off. So too much to get help and not enough to live. I have been reduced to food pantries.

    Fafsa, welfare, childcare network...I spent hours in campus just to get online to look for scholarships and found nothing specific to me that I would qualify for.

    I'm exhausted. I just don't know where else to look.
    What about your family? Or what about an increase in the loan amount?
  10. by   LCinTraining
    Loans maxed out and not disbursed in time to use for childcare. Family across the country or in other states. All of which blame me because I do not go to church. Because apparently my cheating husband is not responsible for his own genitals. Husband would never let me leave the state with the children anyway.
    Your school doesn't offer daycare? What about the YMCA, boys and girls club and your local churches?
  12. by   LCinTraining
    None of which are in my kids school zone. They are there but kindergarten is half day and little guy needs help getting to school either by transport or getting on the bus. Those places do not transport and the bus route does not go to those locations. Regardless, those options all require payment up front, even if it wasn't a moot point.
  13. by   bear14
    I know this may be none of my business but can your exhusband help with watching the kids? Could you take him to court to help watch them? Maybe talk to a lawyer for a free consultation and see what your options are. Any neighbors that can help? If you have to drop out can you consolidate your loans and request a forbearance?
    What about friends?