Devastated :(

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    In my scholarship interview last week, I told the judges that midwifery is what drew me to nursing, but for several reasons (which I explained to them clearly) I am not interested in midwifery anymore. This was in response to them asking what brought me to nursing. It wasn't something I outright volunteered. I was clear that I am hoping to become an FNP, which they do employ. This hospital does not have peds, l/d, or mother/baby. If I was clear about anything at all, it was that I genuinely do see my future with THEM, and even discussed in detail why. I absolutely nailed that part of the interview.

    Anyway, I got this today:

    "Good afternoon! The judges have come to a final decision, and unfortunately they have decided on two other candidates for the Nursing Scholarship. Normally we send out a generic letter, but I wanted to personally write to you to tell you how impressed the judges were by you. They thought you were an excellent candidate, and they commented on how great of a nurse they think you will be. What it came down to is that they believe you would be a better fit for Pediatrics (mother/baby ward), which we do not offer that service here.

    It was wonderful to meet you, and hopefully in the future we will see you again here at *insert hospital name*. Good luck with your studies!

    P.S. Your application was a big hit with the judges and really stood out from the rest. I would continue to do that with other employers/scholarship applications." do I respond to that? They misunderstood a lot, I think. If this is the only reason I wasn't selected, I am absolutely crushed. Peds and mother/baby are not in my future by any stretch. I want to ask them to reconsider. I want to tell them that they misunderstood. By her email, this scholarship and job that I pretty desperately wanted were mine except for this one thing.

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    I'm really sorry that it seems like they misunderstood you. You do realize that being an FNP (Family Nurse Practitioner) usually means that you care for children and pregnant women as well, and thus fairly extensive training in those areas would be required? Perhaps that is where they got the idea that the pediatric field would still be important to your career. Something drew you to maternity initially, and now you are focused on a more diverse field that still includes maternity and peds to some degree. Just a thought.

    Unfortunately, since you just got the letter, it appears the decision has been made and the candidates have all been notified that they did/did not receive it. I'm sure there are many people who still think they deserve the award (and I'm sure you DO deserve the award, but likely these other applicants were very impressive as well) and many would like to urge the judges to reconsider. Several of these applicants are probably kicking themselves over one or two answers that they could have changed as well.

    It's always disappointing when we miss out on an opportunity that seemed so perfect- especially when it seems like we could have done something different to get that opportunity. However, it's totally possible that even if you had answered the question differently the other applicants still would have been chosen. That's hard to hear, but it's a possibility.

    The good news is that it sounds like you have some very impressive qualifications and your resume/application is very professional and well done. That should really be helpful as you continue your job search. When one door closes, another opens, and you never know what great opportunities are waiting for you. Best of luck!
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    Thank you so much for your response. You are right- and no, it's not bad to hear this. The reason I chose FNP, and I told them this, is because FNP is the only practitioner degree I can get without relocating and in a face to face program, which I prefer. It also ensures the ability to treat pediatric patients if I were to work, let's say, in the ER. I feel ANP would be too limiting, and I'm not interested in any other more specific specialty at the masters level. You think mentioning the FNP goal may have been the kiss of death?
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    I am so, so sorry. It was really nice of them to respond to you personally, but at the same time, sometimes it's worse to know how close you were.
    I'm sure the two people they've chosen have already been notified, so I'm not entirely sure there's a benefit to asking them to reconsider, but you could always respond, thank them for the opportunity, and plant the idea that you'd love the possibility of a position there when you graduate if your path leads you into adult care.
    Could be a great contact for later!

    All in all, as disappointing as it is, you did great. You wowed them, and only a tiny issue got in the way - you're headed for great things.
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    "The reason I chose FNP, and I told them this, is because FNP is the only practitioner degree I can get without relocating and in a face to face program, which I prefer." This doesn't sound so good. It makes it sound like you are only choosing the FNP for convenience. Employers, scholarship judges, etc. don't like to hear that.
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    Quote from tammy1019
    "The reason I chose FNP, and I told them this, is because FNP is the only practitioner degree I can get without relocating and in a face to face program, which I prefer." This doesn't sound so good. It makes it sound like you are only choosing the FNP for convenience. Employers, scholarship judges, etc. don't like to hear that.
    lol I didn't word that do well, did I? I promise I was more eloquent with them. I place value in face to face education, and a higher degree of hands-on learning. As for the thought of other specialties, I didn't talk with them about why I wasn't choosing other specialties--I clarified that here got AN. I threw it into the same sentence, which, rereading now does not sound so good.I had the worst time sleeping last night. I tossed this through my brain in so many different ways. It didn't help that I got this news right after having a hard first day of CNA clinicals in a LTC facility, so I was already worn down emotionally. I'm going to toss my response around in my brain a bit and then email her back. I feel it was unfair of them to jump to such a conclusion on my behalf, but ultimately what it comes down to is in their minds, not only do they see me in peds or mother baby, but they don't see me in a different area of THEIR hospital. It stings, but it is what it is. I wish I could change it with every fiber of my being, but I can't and trying may only make me look bad or desperate (we'll pretend there is no desperation in my financial need lol). I'm going to saunter away like Eeyore, give myself a few days to grieve this, and then move on. Boy do I wish I just got that generic letter, though. I think it would sting a lot less.
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    Ugh! Stupid iPhone doesn't recognize paragraphs when I use safari to post. Sorry Edit to add: apparently I can't type sensibly either. I give up!
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    Was this a direct entry program? I think you need to be complimented that they sent you such a personal letter to "let you down gently". If they were that impressed then the next one will be as well. You are barely starting this VERY long journey. Ashley was very eloquent in her comments to you. While it is OK to Be's more important to move forward.

    You obviously have some great attributes that they felt obligated to let you know is impressive. It not the set backs that determine who we's what we do with them that counts.

    “We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.”
    ― Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

    ..... It will work out. I wish you the BEST!
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    Quote from ixchel
    Ugh! Stupid iPhone doesn't recognize paragraphs when I use safari to post.
    No, it doesn't. But you can go back in and Edit the reply after you post it, then add the paragraph breaks, and save the edit. Then it will appear correctly.

    I deal with this all the time. It also happens to me on other message boards when using safari on my laptop. Can't stand it because I love having organized, readable posts.
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    The only thing I can think of is ďouchĒ! I can only imagine how difficult that is to hear, and Iím so sorry you had to go through it. But, while getting the generic letter definitely would have been easier on you, them sending you a personal letter is a huge compliment and something you should try to take pride in! And although I donít believe everything happens for a reason, I think in your case there was probably a really good reason for this to happen. They saw an amazing person with great qualifications and people skills, who unfortunately wasnít necessarily the best fit for their program. In the end, they know their program really well, and based on your answers, they felt like you would do better elsewhere. As difficult as it is, try to look at it this way: you have unlimited potential, but they felt their program might end up limiting you. I guess what I mean is, take heart in the fact that you did really well, try to take something positive out of the experience and grow from it.
    As for your response, I would send a big thank you with a splash of how difficult it was for you to hear you didnít get it, and a dash of hope that your paths cross again in the future. Hang in there. It sounds like youíre bound for great things.

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