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Hey can you write a book for us? I'm somewhat serious. You many times break things down in less words then a text book and in a better format. So for some very specific topics you tend to... Read More

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    more of us enjoy and learn from your posts than you can imagine, daytonite. you've taught me so much, i just want you to know how much i appreciate your wisdom.

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    On days where I sometimes regret my decision to become a nurse, I have only to read some of Daytonite's posts and see the passion for nursing that exudes from them and to aspire to hold such a passion and level of knowledge myself.
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    I completely agree, daytonight should write a book! I'm a first year nursing student & just registered on allnurses, but have been reading threads for a couple years & have also saved daytonight's posts. Daytonight, you have been a source of motivation,hope and support for me and it's about time that I thank you for your wisdom!! Much love to you!
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    Just wanted to chime in also!! You have taught me a lot about the nursing process, and care plans because I watch for your posts also. You are a wonderful and supportive teacher! You still are effecting nursing daily by the help you give. THANKS!!!!
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    Not only is she smart, but she's cool, too, and probably pretty. I like her.
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    Love Daytonite! Be well and know that I'm sending good healing vibes your way.
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    Thank you, everyone. I am actually feeling very well these days and hope it stays that way for a long time.
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    I've pm'd you before because you are just awsome! I'm so happy that you would consider teaching. You do have a way of explaining things so that I understand it. Now, take care, be better, and get that masters! Only thing I regret is that I'll be hopefully done and won't get the chance to have you as my instructor.

    When I see that you respond to a topic, I am one of the ones that reads it because I know you offer pearls of wisdom! You are so appreciated here :heartbeat

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