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Okay, now this scenario I am going to be telling you is pretty complex so here it goes. I am in my first year of nursing school on the BSN tract and I am currently in a delema I never thought I would ever be in during my entire... Read More

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    Obviously you're not happy with your boyfriend or you wouldn't have let yourself get close to this guy in class. Sounds to me like you're just making sure he's better than your bf so you can leave the bf for school guy. Not exactly fair to bf, no?

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    I'm in nursing school, too. My advice: worry about relationships when you have your license. Until then, focus on school! It was made quite clear before I started school that we would have to give up our social lives for nursing school. In my 3rd semester, I'm not sure I agree with that 100%, but what I do know is that the last thing I need is the additional stress of ending one relationship or starting a new one! While we're all different and indeed we all have different needs, I think if you're serious about nursing school, then you already know that getting through school is what you should really be worried about and not which relationship you want to be in.

    But you're an adult and should make your own decision! Good luck!
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    Well, I think you should very honestly evaluate your relationship with your bf taking this new guy totally out of the picture. If there were no other guy you were interested in, would you still have romantic feelings for your bf? If not, my opinion is to gently let him go. THEN pursue other "interests." Either way good luck and keep focused on school. It must be hard to deal with this kind of thing in school.
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    Not uncomfortable if he is a respectful guy
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    hmm... I just feel like you should concentrate on graduating as others have said. I mean, has the boy in class said that he feels this way about you? It could be him just being friendly and trying to have a buddy while in NS? If he has made comments about furthering things, I would just let it move slowly and see what happens.

    It also seems like an excuse to leave your current BF. Which sometimes is needed to help a person see that things are not going to work out, but make sure that is what you really want. What if you leave your guy for NS guy and then it does not work out with NS guy? Then would you regret ending things with your current boyfriend?

    Don't push anything; that is what I would do. Just concentrate on school, and let things happen naturally. We are all human. We see something we like and we think we have to have it, but it is not always what we need just because we want it. Same goes with boys!
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    How did you feel about your relationship with your current boyfriend before meeting new guy? That, to me, would say a lot.

    If you had been feeling a disconnect there for a while beforehand, then it may or may not be worth it to really keep working at it. Two years is a significant chunk of time, and sometimes that's the point in a serious relationship where things...get serious. And require more effort to keep the attraction alive. Sometimes issues are unfixable, though, and it would be counterintuitive to keep your relationship going at the expense of your education. That's something you have to decide for yourself.

    As for new guy...stay away. Romantically, at least. No good can come from getting rid of one guy and jumping into something with the next right away. Determine your current relationship's fate based on what it is, and then take some time for YOU to recover and get through school. Be friends with this dude, sure, but really get to know him first, and get to know youself. After school's over, see what happens. After it's over.

    And if you and your boyfriend do stay together, I would stay away from the new guy in all ways until you feel your relationship is strong enough to handle the friendship you two have. A relationship that could go this distance should not be sacrificed because you didn't keep your distance from someone you knew could bring danger to it.
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    "Don't poop where you eat," as they say...

    Also, it does sound like you are looking for a way out of your current relationship, so I'd follow your heart. Well, at least not stay in the relationship because you already spent two years in it and feel obligated... Good luck!

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