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    What do you use to keep track of your schedule, your tests/assignments due, clinical dates, times, and locations, as well as whatever is going on in your personal life? Do you use a pocket planner? Something online or on the computer?

    I'm not normally the greatest at time management and organization but I know I'll have no choice but to stay on top of things while I'm in nursing school. I need ideas for what is the best way to record stuff and keep organized.
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    I'm a relatively tech-savvy person, but for the purposes of school, I use an old-fashioned wire-bound academic planner. It has all of my school/home life items on it. My work items are on my calendar in outlook. I just find it easier to manage everything when I actually write it down and carry it around with me.
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    Good question! I have a 17-month time.mine planner and I LOVE it! It is spiral bound and they are sold at Borders, the new set comes out in stores in July. Plus they are really cute and have a sturdy plastic cover. I use a black clip to keep the pages I am no longer using together so I can flip directly to the current week.

    Here is their site: http://www.timemine.com/

    There is plenty of room for each day to write information, you can see the layout on their website.

    I am a geek for this kind of stuff. You will never find a better planner for the same price, trust me.
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    I use the full-size lifestyle planner from uncalendar.com
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    I have a 5-week dry-erase board calendar I use. I get overwhelmed when I think of more than 5 weeks at a time, so it's really all I need to get by. I just erase the week completed, get my syllabi out and put in the necessary information on a rolling basis. It's also really easy to update for those inevitable schedule changes and additions.
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    Thanks for all the recommendations! I'll check these out.
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    The uncalendar is the best planner I have ever used. If they ever went out of business, i would seriously buy enough to last me the rest of my life.
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    I actually have 2 dry erase boards. One is divided into 7 days that I write upcoming due dates for the next week and the other is just a large one that I can write later "to do" lists on. It sounds kinda silly but it has served me well so far.
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    Thank you for the link, those organizers are very cool indeed!
    I have already ordered myself one from Borders.
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    I use a simple calander printed of microsoft word, and I put everything down (especially weeks when I have alot going on). I used to be able to remember everything I needed to do off the top of my head, but now that i'm in my 4th semester I think i've fried my brain...I even have to schedule sleep sometimes! I also make alot of to-do lists. I keep the calander and lists in a three ring binder and include all my important papers (syllabii, class notes, important clinical papers I can't forget, and I even keep mapquest directions to all clinical sites I haven't been to before) I keep that with me pretty much all the time. It really is all about finding out what system works best for you, several of my classmates use google calander, but I don't always have time to update stuff on a computer...so paper works best for me