Cost of Skills bag?

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    I was wondering what the cost of everyone's skills bag for the RN program was?
    My twin's 2-3 years ago was $280 and they said mine was going to be like $98?!
    They must not understand the question of: "How much is the skills bad for the ADN program?"!?!?

    Fingers crossed it IS $98, but I seriously doubt it!

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    Mines around 100
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    Ours was $100.00.
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    what is a skills bag?
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    Around 100 and seriously lacking in the required materials. We were shorted about half the content of the bag. Don1984 it's a canvas tote with things that you use in Sim lab, like dressing change kits, foley kits, bandages, penlight, scissors, tape measure, bp cuff etc.
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    I've never heard of a skills bag before. We had to buy our own stethoscope, scissors, and penlight but the school provides all lab supplies. We can use as much as we need to while we practice skills.
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    The bag for my program was $114. It does not include stethoscope, BP cuff, penlight, or scissors. We have to purchase those things ourselves, but the bag has syringes, IV kits, foley kits, dressings, fake meds to practice passing, etc.
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    Just bought mine today for UTA. $216.00 to last all 4 semesters.
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    My program supplied all our stuff for skills lab, I assume the cost is built into tuition. It ended up just being a plastic bag with all the needed supplies for check offs. We were allowed to replenish it if need be, but strongly encouraged to reuse as much as possible. (Obviously the dummies do not require actual sterile supplies)

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