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CNA after Fund. Of Nursing class

  1. 0 Does anyone happen to know if we are able to sit the CNA exam after taking Fundamentals of Nursing in our RN programs, after first semester? I know in some states it is allowed but I can't find any info about it in Oklahoma. To me from what I've read you actually have to go through the CNA program, but I'm not sure. I would really like to start working in a nursing position, but its a bit impractical to take a whole other nursing course right now since I am enrolled in an RN program that takes up so much I have a job as well.
    Anyone know?
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    I sat for CNA test after my medsurg 1 class; I'm in CA.
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    Try contacting the entity in your state that certifies nursing assistants. Some states that is the Board of Nursing other states it's the department of health/dept of health/human services.

    In the case of OK, a quick google search turned up this: Nurse Aide and Nontechnical Services Workers Registry - Oklahoma State Department of Health

    There is contact information at the bottom. Otherwise your fundamentals instructor or school director should be able to guide you.
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    I was able to sit for mine and I'm in Ohio. I had to have the nursing department fill out a paper stating that I had completed so many hours of clinical/class time. After turning that in, I was able to sit for my state boards.
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    After my first semester of clinicals, I became eligible to work as a "Nurse Fellow" in the hospital. I am scheduled as a CNA on my floor, but since I have this title...I get to do a little more like insert foleys, change dressings, etc. Plus, since the nurses know I am in school...they like to pull me into rooms to see cool or interesting things. I would see if facilities around you will hire you into a position like that. I make more $$ then a CNA, but am considered to be on their level. And no CNA exam or certification required. I just had to show them my transcripts to prove that I took my first nursing clinical.
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    I forgot to mention that I work in indiana. And the same goes for Illinois.
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    I never had to sit for CNA boards. Once I passed Fundamentals, I automatically got a CNA license. Perhaps talk to your instructor and asked, s/he would probably have the most information on your school's policies regarding this.
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    It's not a school policy, it's a regulatory issue. The OP has been given the link to his/her state resource; those from other states need to identify and contact theirs.