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Woohoo a long awaited ending to a scary, stressful, hair pulling journey! I will graduate in August 2013 with my ADN !!!!! Whose with me?... Read More

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    YAYYY!!!! I'll be finishing uo my ADN December 2013. I feel so accomplished to even have gotten this far. I'm excited for my third semester to begin, and can't wait to graduate next fall! Congrats to everyone whether you're just beginning, or graduating soon!

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    Woot woot! ABSN in December 2013!!
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    w00t!!! May 13, 2013 is pinning!!!! I can't wait to be done!
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    April 2013
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    Quote from iluvpatho
    Yahhhhhhhh 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I graduate May 2013 with my BSN so amazed taht Ive made it this far and so nervous about surviving my last semester!!!! I cannot believe we are all here. We should all be so proud of ourselves.
    Yay, Me too! (especially the nervousness surrounding the last semester and preceptorship!) 4 more months, 4 more months, 4 more months. We can do it!
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    I cannnnot wait! I'm actually starting to get excited about starting this last semester!
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    May 2013, Im ready!
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    I graduate in May 2013 with an ADN. Still don't feel ready, but I'm still excited. VERY NERVOUS
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    December 2013 with my BSN!!..then on to a graduate it doesnt end yet
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    I might want to get back in somewhere and get my BSN when I graduate in August!

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