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Class of 2013 stand up:-) - page 2

Woohoo a long awaited ending to a scary, stressful, hair pulling journey! I will graduate in August 2013 with my ADN !!!!! Whose with me?... Read More

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    April 2013
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    Quote from iluvpatho
    Yahhhhhhhh 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I graduate May 2013 with my BSN so amazed taht Ive made it this far and so nervous about surviving my last semester!!!! I cannot believe we are all here. We should all be so proud of ourselves.
    Yay, Me too! (especially the nervousness surrounding the last semester and preceptorship!) 4 more months, 4 more months, 4 more months. We can do it!
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    I cannnnot wait! I'm actually starting to get excited about starting this last semester!
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    May 2013, Im ready!
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    I graduate in May 2013 with an ADN. Still don't feel ready, but I'm still excited. VERY NERVOUS
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    December 2013 with my BSN!!..then on to a graduate it doesnt end yet
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    I might want to get back in somewhere and get my BSN when I graduate in August!
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    Congrats to everyone!!! I graduate in December 2013 from an ADN program! I am so excited only 3 semesters to go counting this one!!!
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    Yaaaaay class of 2013. I too graduate in this year, June 1st, from MEC. I can't wait for it to be over so I can take the nclex. All the best.
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    May 2013!!!!!! 14 more weeks!!!!!!!!
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    December 13, 2013. I actually like school (second career, so had been out of school for some time before returning). I think I'll miss it (well, not all of it!). Graduation will be here before we know it!
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    Yep, I graduate in may 2013 and am counting the weeks!!!
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    May 3, 2013!! So excited to have my life back, scared to be let loose on the floor!