Chemistry Question - Is it necessary?

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    I would like to find out from nursing students if they feel that chemistry is a necessary pre-req to do well in nursing school or on the TEAVs?

    My school of choice does not require it as a pre-req, but they do require students to take biochemistry within the nursing program.

    I was planning to take chemistry for understanding chemistry questions on the TEAVs since I have no chemistry experience other than what I have learned in cellular biology.

    Do you use chemistry very much in nursing school? Is it needed to do well on the TEAVs, or could I do some basic home study and for chemistry?

    If I don't have to take it I can apply for nursing school in the spring of 2014, otherwise I have to wait until fall 2014.

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    I only had 3 questions on the TEAS that were chemistry. As for whether or not you need to take it before you start nursing school, you will have to ask your school that. Each school has different requirements.
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    I'm not a nursing student, but I'm a pre nursing student, and intro Chem is a prereq for microbiology at my school. Your school doesn't require the same?
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    Thanks. I am not asking if I need it to get into nursing school, because the school I am looking at doesn't require it. I am asking if nursing students felt it is helpful or necessary to do well in nursing school or on the TEAVs.
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    The schools in my area do not require chemistry for microbiology. Many of the schools do require chemistry but not as a pre-req to any other science. However my school of choice doesn't require it at all.
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    I haven't seen how it would be helpful but others may disagree.
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    Necessary, no. Prudent, yes.
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    FuturePsychNP, could you clarify a bit! I plan to do some home study using Barron's EZ Chemistry and Khanacademy. I am interested to know how much one uses chemistry in nursing school! Thanks!

    I will take it if it is truly prudent, just need clarification! :-)
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    The only real benefit I got out of chemistry was demensional analysis which is how I did nursing math in school and how I do it in the real world.
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    That is what I was thinking too - that the benefit of chemistry is to learn dimensional analysis, which would be the focus of my home study besides basic chemistry!
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