Can RN student take the LPN test?

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    Hello Everyone!
    Im a rn student about to graduate in January 2009, but im a curently facing some tough personal issues so I had to drop my class last week. I was thinking about challenging the LPN test until I could get back on my feet and finish the RN. I am curently in NJ, I called the board of nursing unfortunately they do not allow that. Does anyone have an idea which state would allow me to test for the LPN as a RN student? I already completed my OB and Peds rotation. Please let me know, I am facing some difficult financial situations and i am running out of options!


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    I'm in an RN program but we have the option to take the NCLEX PN after the first year if we take an additional "Transition into Practical Nursing" class. Some students opted out of the class and are just waiting until graduation to take the NCLEX. A few took the class to sit for the NCLEX PN to get an idea of what the test will be like and also to get some nursing experience in the meantime. This is in Colorado. The class is really easy, but requires 100 or so clinical hours.
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    No state that I no of would allow it. Its like you are going backwards. You may not want to do this, but you could work as a CNA or PCA. I live in the Phila area and work at temple university hospital, If you had at least 1 semester of medsurg you can work as a PCA. Good luck 2 U
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    Quote from PEBBLES1
    No state that I know of would allow it. Its like you are going backwards. You may not want to do this, but you could work as a CNA or PCA. I live in the Phila area and work at temple university hospital, If you had at least 1 semester of medsurg you can work as a PCA. Good luck 2 U
    I wouldn't think taking the LPN exam would be going backwards...esp in comparison to being a CNA instead. Being an LPN is just 1 year short of being an RN, actually. In Tennessee I believe you can take the NCLEX-PN after one year of RN school (some schools it is 3 semesters), but it depends on how the curriculum runs at the college you attend, you have to have certain classes 1st year to do this (at our school we don't have Peds until 3rd semester). At our CC you can bridge to RN from LPN by joining the RN program the Spring of 1st year, but LPN's only take Pharm that semester, then second year they do what all the other students are doing until graduation.
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    Let me re-phrase. You don't need to take a test or a class to work as a pca. Although she has taken classes in the RN program, she would still have to take classes for the LPN. I new someone who failed out of the RN program and she had to go back to school for the LPN. the only class they allowed her to challenge was the fundamentals.
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    I live in Az and I am currently a block 3 RN student that will also graduate in May 2009. I took my LPN exam over the summer, our instructors actually encourage it just in case something like this happens. Let me know if you need more info, Good luck
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    Actually, the answer to your question, OP is that it depends on your school and your state BON. For example, at my school you either take the LPN course, pass it, then sit for the PN-NCLEX OR you finish third semester of the RN program, pass the LPN Final Exam without taking the LPN course, then sit for the PN-NCLEX. In other words, I cannot just finish most of the RN program then go sit for the PN-NCLEX. Therefore, I highly suggest that you ask your school and/or your state's BON what is the requirements that will allow for you to be eligible through your current RN program to sit for the PN-NCLEX. GL!
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    Thanks very much everyone I am still asking around to see what other options that I have. I hope something will come up soon.
    Thanks again guys!
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    I am in a BSN program in California. We can take the LVN (LPN) after our third semeter if we take geriatrics first (we had the options of taking psych and geri third semester or Family Nursing which is Peds/OB...and then take which ever other one you didn't take during the fourth semester)....funny thing is that we have to have geri to take the LVN but not peds/ob...(we also have to have a certian # of hours of med/surg). I would check with your state and school...California is totally different than any other state with their LVNs and each school is different too; mostly BSN VS ASN programs
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    In Florida we can take the LPN exam after "equivalent education in the RN program" (which is three semesters at our school). Call your Board of Nursing to find out for sure. Good luck! By the way... you're not going BACKWARDS -- you're going sideways, don't sweat it, you're doing the best you can do for now. Stay positive.

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