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Hey guys! Starting my nursing class on September 5. I am nervous, excited and did I say nervous. Let's start a thread together and support each other on this journey. Got all my books but I have yet to buy my uniform and shoes. I... Read More

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    Quote from JillzyC
    I started Monday. Really enjoying it thus far, but talk to me around week five and we'll see what's what. LOL
    You made me LOL! you will be just as enthusiastic as you are now but probably swallowed up by a ton of new and exciting information.

    let share in week 5

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    Hello all! I start September 17. I am really nervous but also excited. I will be attending ITT Tech in Michigan. I have orientation on Tuesday. I can't wait for clinicals:-) for the students that already started do have any tips for me??
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    I start on the 5th as well. One more week of freedom. Already have all my books, so I am reading a lot trying to get a jump on the amount of reading we will have to do.
    Good luck everyone.
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    We've been in for a week and a half now! It's great, but so far a ton of administrative stuff, syllabus, Kaplan intro etc. can't wait to start clinicals in 6 weeks! I love pharmacology, seems like its going to very interesting. All in all, I love it! Fall 2014 is when we will graduate, bring it on!!!
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    Started August 20 here. Been a little hectic but we are working it.
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    Hey jules, its glad to know that you are enjoying glad its going well so far.

    But best of all im glad to hear you say you are loving it..

    Its great to see that a couple more people has join our support group. Welcome!

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    I started a week and a half ago.......should graduate (fingers crossed) in May 2014. So far, the reading has been so intense. 7 chapters from one text, three chapters from another text, and 7 chapters from our skills text. I've come close to banging my head on the desk several times and I'm not even two full weeks in! But.....gotta keep the end goal in mind, right? We can do it!
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    Represent from Tejas! I'm 1/84th of the way to graduation and it feels so good :-)
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    No banging of the head! You need it for at least another two years. I'm sure over time it will become routine.
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    One week in. The amount of information is over whelming to say the least, and the reading is unbelievable.

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