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How do you feel about the statement in the title?I am a second term nursing student. Not the super star straight A student, usually B student. I have never been surrounded by so many type A, super... Read More

  1. by   ThePrincessBride
    Quote from kgh31386
    Like I said before, a C= a C amount of material known. I understand that some people will try their hardest and can only get a C. But the excuse that "I really knew it, it's just the way the questions were worded" is not a good one. If you really know the material, it should NOT matter how a question is worded. And FYI in the real world, patients will not be straight forward with their situations. You can't say "well in school, the book had it like this and this and this...this patient was so tricky before he died on me". And with the way that we're cracking down on the BSN requirement for new grads, I do look at my applicants' GPA. Do I let that determine whether or not I hire them? Probably not...but you can tell on a resume when one applicant lists awards, scholarships, grades, GPA's and the next person is very bare in the academic area. We hired a couple of nurses who were bare in that area...it quickly showed in orientation and they didn't make it out of orientation(classmates of one another actually). Also...in grad school there are no C's period. Anything below a B is failing, get it twice and you're out.
    I disagree. I have had some very unfair questions that have been thrown out. Also, some people have major test anxiety. Doesn't mean they don't know the material.
  2. by   ladylysis
    Quote from snickers21
    I have heard c=degree and c=continue quite a bit. I get that grades aren't everything, but I don't understand the people who only study enough to get that C. I'm shocked at the amount of people whose GOAL is to get a C. I must be a type A personality without knowing it, because I've always thought that you should try your best and try to learn it all or as much as possible and if you get a B or C, that is ok, because you put the effort in and you learned. However to study, just enough to pass and little more? I will never get it. *shrug*
    Exactly, snickers! I'm not competitive with other students, per se, but I'm not happy unless I get an A - because I know that I'm capable of it. Type A, though? Hardly. Just a geek.
  3. by   WannaBNursey
    Having taken pre-nursing classes with many people who have had all A's, I can say that all A's are not the end all be all to becoming a great nurse. One A student in particular was incredibly loud, had a frightening voice and I would be afraid to be his patient, especially on a night shift. He was very nice, but he just didn't know how to work well with people. An RN that was in our class had made the same comment. Grades matter, sure, but I think clinicals matter more. That's just my
  4. by   Pneumothorax
    I dont think that the saying "C's get degrees" should be what you strive for , rather...its ok if you get a C, you'll still get your degree. too many students put *so* much stress on themselves to get Straight A's while realistic, is just a crazy amount of unnecessary stress to add to an already stressful curriculum.

    & there are "book nurses" and there are ones who do fantastic in the clinical area & are able to apply the knowlege. tests suck. life isnt about multiple choice and writing essays about maslows hierarchy. ya know?