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  1. 0 Hey guys ! Do any of you guys have blogs in which you write about nursing, school, etc ?
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    Yes and no. I have a blog but I rarely talk about nursing school. I will more as I graduate but my school is VERY aware of social media and talking about school online. Obviously good things are fine but when not so good things come up then there can be issues. You're welcome to come by, although last semester caused a LOT of radio silence. :-)
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    Yes. My blog is hosted by A Mixed Bag Of Goodies - Nursing community for nurses
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    Yep. It's on my profile, I think. That's not all I blog about, but it's one of the topics that has predominated the posts. I graduated in December, so until I get a hospital job, the nursing posts will be scarce.

    I am very careful to never even come close to giving information that could identify a patient. I'm even leery about any information that could identify the hospital I did clinicals at. I think schools and employers are getting more savvy about this - some will have a blanket "this is prohibited without exception" and some will allow some latitude so long as you're nowhere near a HIPAA violation.

    I will also be incredibly circumspect when it comes to anything that could be perceived as a negative rant about a person or group of people. I don't want a potential employer reading my blog years from now and thinking "wow, she's a negative Nelly," or that I have frequent personality clashes with people. I've had some absolutely horrific instructors, but all you'll see on my blog is "we didn't really get along." I save the details for my class feedback surveys and ratemyprofessor.

    I have known people who say you're treading on dangerous ground even if you just put on your Facebook profile that you're a nursing student and what school, or to say what hospital you work at. I think that's a bit extreme. I think caution should be exercised, and people should always consider their posts from the perspective of the Dean of their school, a prospective employer, or even a lawyer naming them in a suit 10 years from now looking for evidence of poor nursing practice.
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    @ bloom girl what's your blog address ? I'd love to check it out ! And thanks for the replies guys ! I just started one, I'm also cautious of what I post like schools, clinicals, etc
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    Seriously? If you're in school and you aren't getting a straight 4.0, you don't have time to be blogging!
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    Grntea- blogging is my form of stress relief. Thank you for your opinion though, have a wonderful evening
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    I'm always willing to answer questions/talk about nursing school!
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    I don't have a "blog" per se, but here is the link to articles I have written on nursing for AN.

    Tait's Nursing Blog - Nursing community for nurses