Best Drug Manual??!

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    I begin my ADN program in August! Yay!

    I should be receiving my book bundle for the first semster soon. Though, it will not include a drug book and a medical terminology book. The program director said it is because there are so many different kinds, and it's best for a student to choose the one that is best for their own preferences.

    So now I have to go out and purchase them! I tried reviewing some, but like she said, there are so many!!

    Figured, who would know better than Allnurses?!! So which do you guys think is a great drug book and has served you well and is easy to understand [...well, I am sure easy and pharmacology shouldn't belong in the same sentence]? The director also said that there are some books with pictures of medication, which I feel like that'd benefit me.

    Medical terminology?'


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    It really is a personal choice. Some books are sorted alphabetical by generic name others are sorted by drug class. Both have an index. Some nurses like Davis others like Lippincott. The best suggestion is to make sure your edition is a most recent update. Many have free online access and/or free online/PDA/smart phone access so you can easily be updated with any changes or developments.

    Rather than a simple medical terminology index I used my fundamentals book for a start and Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary that included a years free access to the iPhone/iPod Touch Skyskape version (stand alone not requiring Internet access) which was extremely helpful.
    Taber's Medical Dictionary Online + Mobile | Official Site

    There are a few free drug guide apps like Micromedix, MPR, and epocrates(only components including the drug guide are free other parts require paid subscription but it includes in app dosing calculators that are handy in pediatrics )

    Good luck
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    I used "Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses" when I was in Nursing School. I LOVED it! It came with a CD and it also had an iPhone app that you can download, which were both convenient. I still use the book religiously and really like the detail it has. Your program might require you to purchase a specific reference manual, some you may like, some maybe not so much.
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    I have Medscape, Epocrates, and Micromedex on my iPhone! All free apps.
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    Also, medscape has a download so you can access the content offline without an Internet connection. It takes more memory but is handy with an iPod touch especially if your school has a 'don't access the Internet during class"policy
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    I use Davis's Drug Guide, it seems to be better set up for nursing considerations than some of the others I've seen.
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    I found that I preferred the drug guides that were arranged alphabetically by generic, but it really is a personal preference. I liked Pearson and Davis and ended up going with Davis.

    I haven't compared med term books, but the one my school suggested seems OK (nothing to rave about) - Quick & Easy Medical Terminology by Peggy Leonard. I've been trying to decide if I wished I had just gotten a medical dictionary of some sort. If you get a book similar to Leonard's, I wouldn't spend a whole lot on it and would probably buy one or two editions older. Buying the older edition, you'll have to look up the most recent do not use & suggested to not use lists of abbreviations, but you'll save $$$. (Here's one sample list of error-prone abbreviations that also marks the "do not use" ones --
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    My Fundamentals and Pharm class both had Mosby's 2012 Drug Guide listed as required text. I found this book very helpful.

    I, like others, also have an IPhone so I have Epocrates and most recently added Micromedex (both free apps).
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    I still prefer my Davis Drug Guide over everything else.
    It is very thorough, easy to work with and well written.
    I have not liked the other guides near as much.
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    Definitely Davis! Well organized and very helpful!

    Here is the amazon link to the latest edition.

    Hope you find what you are looking for,


    ps- I have stedman's medical dictionary and really like it. Don't know if that will help you out on the other front, but just my .02 suggestion.

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