ATI testing is hard... help!

  1. I am a LPN that is in a bridge program to RN. When I did my LPN schooling I did ATI and just barley passed ATI. I am now taking RN level ATI and I am having no luck getting the grade I need to pass. Is there anyone that can help point a struggling student in the right direction with ATI? You can PM me or just post on here.

    Thank you for your time,
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  3. by   Morainey
    I believe that ATI has online practice tests you can do, but you need a key to get in, which our school provided. I did those many times, and it helped me see areas where I needed improvement. After you finish the comprehensive ATI, it breaks down questions into categories so you can see where your strengths are. Maybe doing those would help give you a focus to study on so you could go back and review those modules.

    I also used to go through the ATI books - pretty quick reads, sometimes easier to understand than the textbooks and notes from class. They also have questions at the end of each module which I found useful.
  4. by   Fireman767
    I read through the ATI books and took notes of everything and so far received no lower than a 95% on the exam. Some people read the textbook but the values from textbooks to the ati are sometimes different. Just read through the ati book, watch their lessons and take their practice tests and you should do fine.
  5. by   LiLev
    Depends on how you learn. I, personally do better on ATI's when I do NCLEX practice questions. I have an app on my phone, my computer and my Ipad and I always get a Level 3 on my ATI's. Remeber ATI also writes the NCLEX so the questions are pretty much the same content. Make sure on your practice questions you read the rationales even for the questions you get correct because that is where all the useful info is.
  6. by   PatMac10,RN
    I struggled with ATI on and off through out the 1st half of nursing school and then blew the ATI comprehensive predictor out of the water! In a good way!

    I have a smartphone (iPhone 4s) and downloaded the ATI at the start often 2nd semester and I believe it's helped. I also got the Demystified book series and I love it! I typically do the practice tests and review the material/sections that I scored below my personal goal or national average (usually 70%).

    All of that and 20,000 truckloads of prayer are the only reason I've seen better results I believe, because I can't stand the ATI books! Lol!
  7. by   lnle3618
    I am in my last semester and have always struggled somewhat with the wording of the questions. I have realized that if I pick out one word of each answer that I believe is wrong or right and give it a rationale to why it is wrong or right, I usually do better answering their questions. I dont do the online practice because it doesn't help me. Good luck!
  8. by   NevadaFighter
    I found that the ATI app helped immensely. I find that practicing the quizzes online is the best way to practice, but lately I've been looking at the book, too. And remember, barely passing is still passing.