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    So I need some words of wisdom from some people who have been in my place or are currently in my place, I just took my Pediatric ATI exam today and failed and so now I have failed out because of this. I have an average of an 85 in the class and am doing great in clinicals but because I didn't get a level 2 on this exam I am out of the class. I had about a week in a half left and 1 more semester to graduate. It really sucks and I am lost on what to do. Any advice?????

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    whats an ati test
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    how many proctor peds ATI have you taken, and what is a level 2 on your program?
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    I just took my ATI test for Pedi and Maternity. Scored Level 3 for Maternity and Level 1 for Pedi. The score you get at the end of your test is NOT the actual score. Your school is supposed to use a formula to figure out your grade. For instance I got a 56 and with the formula it ended up being passing grade for my class.

    Also your first ATI you should know that its expected that people will score LEVEL 1 at the beginning. Its after your NCLEX REVIEW where they test you again to see if you were able to move from Level 1 to a level 2 or 3.

    Level 1 means You may or may not pass NCLEX right now.
    Level 2 means you may pass NCLEX (more likely than not)
    Level 3 means you WILL pass the NCLEX if you were to take it now.

    Hope this helps. Just came from doing the Exam so I know what your going through.

    Happy Turkey Day and God Bless!!!

    Graduating Dec of 09
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    thanks to your replies, our school does not use this to help us at all, they just use this to pass or fail us out of the class if we do not receive a level 2 on the exam. I got a level 1, a 63.3 and needed a 65 to pass with a level 2, i don't know what else to do. I have talked to the nursing director and everything. I really think they need to use this as an assessment tool, what it is intended to be!
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    Can you take it again? Our school used it as a assessment told until ur last semester than u have to make a level 2 or 3 to graduate. I think u should ask to retake it or something. We have the option to retake the exam I don't see why you can't, expecially since its weighted so heavily at your school. Good luck.
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    Wow, that's really weird. It's used as an assessment tool at our school. If you don't get a Lvl 1 you have to 'remediate' but it's no biggie. Do you have no avenue for an appeal? I'm sorry this happened to you. :redpinkhe
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    wow, i am so sorry about what your program requires related to ati testing! my rn program uses ati as an assessment tool and as long as we have a passing grade (based on benchmark for the class, usually 65) and complete them on time, we are fine (we are allowed to remediate and retake once if we don't pass on the first try). it also counts as 5% of our total grade. i haven't passed many of them on my first try, and that's typically even with using the ati book!! i feel like ati is a crock, as do many of my classmates. keep your head up, and i hope your program director realizes what a mistake they are making by kicking people out d/t ati scores!
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    My school uses ATI the way I believe it is meant to be used, as an assessment tool. Each test counts as a quiz grade, so if you do poorly you have lots of chances to make it up.
    ATI is all about passing the NCLEX, it seems unfair that they would kick you out of school for one bad test...Everyone can have a bad day now and then and that just seems so unfair!
    Best of luck to you, I really hope you can find a way to work it out.
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    Our school requires level 2 to pass the associated clinical classes. Tests need to be proctored, but students are allowed one retake to pass as long as they pony up the money to ATI for the second exam. If they don't pass the second time, they have to petition the Advancement committee to take it a third time. The ATI used to be parts of our grades as well, but they ended that practice my second Quarter in the program.

    I'm personally fine with using the ATI as a standardized end-test, especially since my program manages a near-100% first-time NCLEX pass while having a neglible attrition rate for each cohort. However, if any school's going to require it to pass a class, they need to allow more than one sitting of the exam.

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