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  1. Hello I am getting things together to get into the fall Regis college DNP PMHNP program. I see that you are in the program. How is the program? Can you help with the information about the requirement for the program process? 

    1. Exodus09

      Exodus09, ASN, BSN, MSN, RN

      I’d love to hear any follow up, I’m discussing with an advisor about Spring 2020

  2. deemarys

    Taylor College Bellview Florida

    I graduated from Taylor College in 2011. I was in their lpn to RN ADN Program. Just as the previous poster stated no matter where you go there will be both positive and negative remarks about a school but ultimately it is what you make of it. I graduated with Honors and it was not easy. Make the most of your time there and you will do fine. Good Luck :)
  3. deemarys


    My sister n law went to Rasmussen in Florida for her RN and loved it. The downside was the cost. Very expensive but it's a good school.
  4. deemarys

    UMass Amherst Rn to BSN online program

    I am thinking of applying for the fall. What courses are required to complete BSN? I already have micro, Organic Chem, bunch of electives like Americ Lit, US History. Think I need Statistics.
  5. I just started the program. I am thinking of dropping it before the 3 week trial. I just found out that although books are included half of the books in the program are ebooks. Meaning I will have to read them on the computer or ipad in order to study. I hate this idea, I love reading from a hard copy on paper. Any KU students taking courses or completed the program have or had the same issue? If so how did you deal? Really am thinking twice about this program.
  6. deemarys

    New RN working in PCU want to quit.

    I feel exactly the same way beeker. I am now looking for work elsewhere.
  7. deemarys

    New RN working in PCU want to quit.

    We are all busy, even the techs at times so I always help out. I clean patients, empty bed pans, answer lights, its when I need help turning a patient or lifting a patient there is no one available to help. It's annoying when I finish and I see that they are usually at the desk chatting with staff. It's pretty overwhelming. Thanks all for your tips, I will defenitely have something lined up before I put my notice in.
  8. I finally fulfilled my dream of becoming an RN. Got my first job working on PCU in FLorida. The manager informed me that the patient to nurse ration was 5 to 1 which I thought was fine. I find myself on my 3rd month working on this unit and have yet to have just 5 patients. I usually have 6 patients, short staffed, I put up techs who are unhelpful and just plain lazy and not helpful when I need help with a patient. If I ask a tech for help I usually get rolling eyes or I am busy. I am completely overwhelmed. I wonder is it like this everywhere???? I always feel guilty because I know I am not giving the attention that my patients deserve. I always feel like I am rushing to get in and out of a room and hoping I don't miss anything.
  9. deemarys

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    Thanks for all your responses, Won't celebrate til I see the official results.
  10. deemarys

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    i checked doing the pearson vue trick and got this message. please tell me this is a good sign? our records indicate that you have recently scheduled thisexam. please contact your member boardfor further assistance. anotherregistration cannot be made at this time. i tried to re-register twice and kept getting this pop up. please someone respond, i feel sick to my stomach. dee
  11. deemarys

    Kaplan Review On Demand or Live Review

    plan on starting this weekend as well. When do you plan on testing?
  12. Just wanted to know if anyone had a good experience with On Demand. The Live Review is far from my home so was wondering if On Demand was what I should do.
  13. deemarys

    Dosage Calculation, need help please.

    figured it out on my own, in case anyone wants to know how i got my answer here is what i did. 1 unit of blood is 250 mls. 250ml divided by 60 minutes(1 hour) equals 4.16 4.16 multiplied by drip factor 10 equals 41.6. make it a whole number answer is 42 gtt/minute.
  14. a client isadmitted to the hospital with lower gi bleeding. his hemoglobin level on admission to the emergencyroom is 7.3g/dl. the physician orders 2 units of packed redblood cells to infuse over 1 hour each. the blood administration set has a drip factor of 10 gtt/ml. what is the flow rate in drops per minute? round answer to the nearest whole number.________gtt/minute
  15. deemarys

    NCSBN NCLEX RN Review. Need feedback please!

    Thanks for the feedback. I do have the Lacharity book and Saunders as well. Can't wait to take the boards :)
  16. Our school paid for our class to do the 3 week NCLEX RN Review. I am about finished with it but have mixed feelings about it. First this review does not show us what are chances are of passing the NCLEX. The class costs $50.00 so that too made me think it can't be effective if its that cheap. So if anyone can please give me some feedback on this I would appreciate it. Good or Bad, I would like to know if you believe this review helped at all. Was it too hard, too easy. Was it similar to the actual board examine? Thanks Dee LPN soon to be RN