ATI Bare Naked! What do you want to know?

  1. Hello Ladies and Gents:

    I am here to present to you information about how to pass and study for the ATI exams and from what I have heard....if you can pass the ATI, you can pass the NCLEX. I have taken an ATI exam for each of my nursing courses and I took the ATI comprehensive yesterday and I passed on the first try. After studying for 3 days with little sleep- I have seen a lot of trends in the ATI and some common themes and common topics.

    If you have a questions about the ATI, please feel free to ask. If I do not know the answer, I will try to find it out or tell you that I don't have an answer.

    You can PM me questions or ask me on here. I want to help you pass just like I did along with my other lets get started.
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  3. by   ggabri07

    Make sure that you are always studying and trying to understand the important concepts. It is not OK to just memorize the information. You need to know this information if you plan on passing any nursing examination. Study with a buddy, use study cards, have a nursing conversation with a friend….whatever you need to do to retain the information.

    I was in nursing school with my best friend so we would literally question each other and break down the concepts. She would teach me and I would teach her. She would help me understand why I had a question wrong and I would do the same. THIS WAS A MAJOR HELP. I PASSED MANY EXAMS BY DOING THIS EXERCISE WITH HER. DURING THE EXAM I WOULD SEE A QUESTION AND IT WOULD BE SIMILAR TO WHAT WE TALKED ABOUT.

    You can pass all of your nursing exams with flying colors. You just need to have faith in yourself and always keep a positive attitude. Keep those negative thoughts out of your head. They are dangerous and will cause you to fail an exam. You can do it. I have faith in you and so you need to have faith in yourself as well.

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  4. by   BLESSEDONE22
    Thank you ggabri07 for that Awesome info! At the end of this semester, I have to take the Pharmacology ATI Exam. What kinds of tips can you offer on how to study for this particular one?
    Thanks in advance!
  5. by   polka-dot
    The pharmacy ATI was the only one I didn't study for... did just fine! But, the best thing you can do is read the ATI book, which is essentially what you need to do for all the other ATI exams.
  6. by   TickyRN
    The only way you can pass the ATI exam is to read the ATI book.
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    Just a quick reminder from your friendly, neighborhood moderator that while it's great for our members to share tips and study hints, we need to be careful not to post actual test questions, test banks, or copyrighted materials. The materials very graciously shared here by ggabri07 are based on his/her own experiences and constitute an original work.

    Thank you all so much for your cooperation. This is a great forum and I really appreciate how the members here support and help each other.

    @ggabri07, with your enthusiasm for teaching, you know, you might have a future as a nurse educator! Something to consider...
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  8. by   ggabri07
    To Blessed One:

    It’s nice to see that you are planning early. Good for you.

    I thought I had a bad relationship with PHARM until I was forced to study my brains out to PASS the exit examination. After numerous counseling sessions with this subject, I have come to understand that PHARM was not the problem- I WAS….I needed to study harder!

    Good luck with this semester and keep us or I posted.
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  9. by   simplelife320
    Hi ggabri07,
    I'm graduating this May from FDU and I really need your advice of how I should start studying for my exit exam.. I don't know where to begin or how to study for it. Should I start now? Should I read my textbook starting from Fundamentals? I have no clue what to do and I'm so busy with community+hcm+research... Could you please provide me with your email address? It's really nice to meet someone who's so knowledgeable and an FDU graduate! I don't know any of the past graduates so I'd really appreciate if you can help me out! Thank you so much
  10. by   rmsm
    ggabri.....I have a quick question.... how did you study for the ati fundamentals... i have the ati book and also the learning modules... what did you focus and can you give me tips on studying/preparing for the ati... because last yr students said it was extremely hard and so my whole class is scaried as well...
  11. by   DeliveryRN2007
    =) I wish I would have found this post sooner before I posted my own thread about help for some ATI tests! Do you have any recommendations for Peds (nursing care of children is the actual name i think), Adult Medical Surgical Nursing, and Mental Health? Also, I have taken 4 ATI in the past and the practice were always more difficult than the actual tests. Did you find it to be the same with the 3 I will be taking next week??

    I really appreciate you answering questions on here! ATI is definately something that makes a lot of people I know nervous!!
  12. by   kmax1234
    Can you give me an update on what to study for on the ati maternity test? Thank you so so much!
  13. by   SNJodi
    6 more weeks until my Fundamentals ATI final, nervous as all get out. I'm reading up on whatever it is you are posting. I am working on my ATI Pharm book now, in between writing care plans each week. Thanks for posting tips..
  14. by   Bandaide
    The ATI was easy compared to our regular exams for Fundamentals and Med-Surg I. I don't think many in our program even opened the book, and I think everyone passed it the first time.