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  1. 0 Does anyone have any insight on ATI? This will be my first time doing it this semester and was wondering if there's a good way to approach it

    I know we have the books we were issues, but didn't know if there was anything else helpful to anyone!

    Thank you guys in advance
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    The books, the skills modules, practice tests. ATI is hard, but it's supposed to be. It's to get you prepped for the NCLEX. There is also an app, but I haven't used it personally.
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    Definitely use the books. At the end of each section, there is a little quiz that will help you see what the ATI questions will be like. From those quizzes, you can tell what you need to focus more on. Best of luck!
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    I really like the books because it highlights exactly what you need to know. I used them for my regular exams as well. Doing the quizzes online is also helpful. I have actually seen questions almost identical to the practice ones on the proctored exams.
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    Our school just stopped using ATI this semester. My last semester we will be using all Kaplan stuff. I did not like ATI as a lot of the information in their books contradicted what was being taught in the lecture.
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    I did ATI and what I found the most helpful was doing the online practice exams.
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    The practice exams online seem 10000x easier then my lecture exams... Does this mean ATI end of 1st semester exam will be easy?... Lol

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