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Just curious, Based on your clinical and/or personal experiences, what are 3 areas of nursing that you're most interested in? Which 3 areas are ones that you know you would NEVER work in? For... Read More

  1. by   Mindls
    this is an amazing thread...

    my favorites:
    1. OR/PACU
    2. Oncology
    3. ICU

    My least fav.
    1. LTC
    2. Rehab
    3. Psyc
  2. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    Hmmmm not sure about my favorites, I really enjoyed the ED the few times I was in there. I had a good experience on most the floors.


    LTC or Rehab
  3. by   Jessicias85
    Quote from my3suns
    My top 3:
    1) ER
    2) OR
    3) L&D
    I also have to give an honorable mention to ICU

    My bottom 3
    2) hospice
    3) psych
  4. by   DreamyEyes
    Thanks for all the replies so far! It's interesting to see how different we all are in the specialities we like.

    It's also interesting to me that those who don't like LTC also don't like psych, although it doesn't surprise me. There is a LOT of psych in LTC! I know I will end up either working in Psych or with the geriatric population, mainly because I can't picture myself doing anything else. I have no desire to work Med/Surg, Telemetry, OR, ER, etc.
  5. by   ThePrincessBride
    Quote from DreamyEyes
    Just curious,

    Based on your clinical and/or personal experiences, what are 3 areas of nursing that you're most interested in? Which 3 areas are ones that you know you would NEVER work in?

    For me, the *Top 3* areas I would like to work in are:

    1) Geriatrics/LTC. I have worked at an ALF with dementia and Alzheimer's patients for over 3.5 years now, and it's my passion.

    2) Psych.. I have always been interested in working in a psych facility. If I didn't go to school for nursing, I would definitely be going for a degree in Psychology. I find everything about it fascinating, and the only kind of meds I was interested in reading about in pharmacology were psych meds.

    3) Forensic nursing.. I also find this area of nursing very interesting, although I think it would be very hard to get into.

    The areas I would most likely *not* work in are:

    1) Med/Surg

    2) Cardiac/Telemetry

    3) ICU

    ...actually, just hospital nursing in general.

    What about you?
    Interesting that you like LTC and Geratics. According to the Nursing Polls section, those are the least favored areas of Nursing.
  6. by   IBCLCLittletonJenn
    I could be a hospital IBCLC once I graduate, but my heart is L&D or Postpartum. I have four chlldren myself and have had hospital births, and my last was born at home. My other interests so far would be OR and NICU. I don't think I'm interested in LTC, ER or Psych. I've worked in the public health setting already and I like it, but with my diploma will come needed changes
  7. by   pdxmomazon
    That's so funny, IBCLCLittelJon- the reason I DON't want to do do L/D , OB and postpartum is that I have loved my experiences with my daughters and can't imagine working in an environment where birth is not what I'd consider "ideal!" Someone would say "turn up the pit" and I'd freak! I don't have that sort of feeling about any other stage of life.

    I start my program in June, and it's a second degree/accelerated I'm a bit worried we won't have enough clinical time to hone in on what we love. But...

    I'm interested in:



    Some rehab

    I'm not interested in :



  8. by   Just A Wanderer
    I'm not in nursing school yet but the top three areas I am most interested in are:

    1) Medical-Surgical
    2) ICU
    3) Perioperative

    The three areas I think I would never work in:

    1) Geriatrics
    2) Oncology
    3) Neonatal

    Of course, these may change when I finally starting nursing school!
  9. by   bubbasmom
    hmm. i would like to work in
    1. nicu
    2. er- but i heard there is a lot of burn-out
    3.forensic nursing- i just found out what this is
    4. peds

    i do not want to work in
    1. geriatrics
    2. ICU
    3. psych
    4. any unit that i might observe patients that have maggots (prob er- so this may change my mind)