Are you happy with your nursing career choice?

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  2. How do you feel about your career choice? Are you still happy that you made the switch to nursing? How do you feel about your nursing school? Please share your thoughts with the community...

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  4. by   vld123
    Like it, let's see more!
  5. by   MissH1967
    I am happy about my career change to nursing, but worried as hell about finding a job in this tough market. And my nursing school is awesome!!!
    Happy about my career choice, but still have yet to land a job. Scary.
  7. by   gianegizelle
    of course
  8. by   tln9901
    I am very happy about my career choice to become a Nurse. There is a high demand right now for nurses. I knw that nursing school will be hard but it will all pay off in the end.
    Will be two years in August that I passed my boards....still no job as a nurse. Still in school furthering my education, but I wonder where this career will lead me. So far I hit a road block that I never imagined, and this is with medical background experience I stopped looking as of this past December and working in my old field. Will see what happens after I finish my BSN. There is not shortage of nurses in South Florida, we have a sur plus.