Anyone else feel dirty after Microbiology lab? - page 4

I love Microbiology. It's fascinating, yet kinda scary/freaky. I'm quite freaked out by the things I've learned and seen with Staphylococcus aureus. Well, I feel like I need like 10 showers after... Read More

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    Quote from CrunchyMama
    I had once started buying a head of lettuce because it's cheaper...well I took it all apart to wash it and there was a bunch of little dead bugs buried down inside the bottom of the lettuce. It grossed me out of course and I threw it all away. I guess I'd rather eat what I can't see, so I'll continue buying the bags, lol.
    You threw the head of lettuce away?! I guess you never buy organic, huh? I brought a head of lettuce from the farmer's market (picked the day before, organically grown) and thought I washed it well, put it on my cutting board, and a lady bug crawled out of it and across my cutting board! I just washed the lettuce 3 more times and continued to make my salad. I'll take a few small bugs over pesticide anyday...added protein!
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