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  1. Future O.R. Nurse

    cliques in nursing school

    AAAHHHH!!!! Left out of the clique.... look up in the sky at that lone star.... It shines brighter than the rest that are clustered together..... SHINE BABY....SHINE!!!!
  2. Future O.R. Nurse

    No She/he Did Not!!!

    Thank you sooo much for clearing that up.:yeah:.. I did that my first day of clinicals and the assigned nurse went off on me for ten minutes.:eek:... I didn't dare stop and explain to her why I did that..:cool:.. We went to the same school... so why didn't she know that????:confused: just curious!!!
  3. Future O.R. Nurse

    Nursing student expelled for Facebook photo/judge reverses dismissal

    Regardless of its unprofessionalism, school code violation, or HIPPA violation....why does her school officials have access to her facebook page.... now that's just plain dumb.... I set my page so no one in my state or close to it has access to my page, no one in my class or school has access to my page... the only people who have access to my page are ppl I grew up with 9 states away...If I ever got wind that someone I didn't invite was snooping around... I would simply delete the account... not that I have anything to hide, but what you find offensive.... such as me out with my family bbq having a good time can easily be misconstrued as me being a party animal.... NO SCHOOL OFFICIALS OR CLASSMATES SHOULD HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE....The same thing goes if you are job hunting. If an employer likes you, the first thing they are going to do is check the social networks.... So before you go job hunting, delete ALL SOCIAL NETWORK PAGES.. (just my 2 cents)
  4. Future O.R. Nurse

    Smokers in Nursing School--How Are You Treated?

    This is not about stigmatizing or judging the fact that you smoke. I for one understand it is a very difficult addiction and not easy to quit. This is about the quality of care you give to your patient. Your own personal hygeine plays a very important part in the care of your patient. You come in reeking of cigarette smoke especially in a psych unit where they are not allowed to smoke will trigger certain behaviors in those patients who do smoke. I also mentioned in my post that smoking and then hovering over a patient is very inconsiderate. What if this patient suffers from severe allergies? What if the patient just quit smoking a few days ago.. What if the smell reminds a patient that they lost a loved one to smoking? I am a smoker but I think about all those things before I go on a cigarette break at a hospital.. I would never do that!! :eek: But then that's me, and my committment to my patients and the respect I have for my patients and my profession. It just think it is a very selfish, insensitive and disrespectful thing to have your patients smell cigarettes all over the person taking care of them... UGH!!! I'm suprised they don't request a new nurse... I know I would. (and Im a smoker..trying soooo hard to quit)
  5. Future O.R. Nurse

    Smokers in Nursing School--How Are You Treated?

    I also felt really good when I gave my patient a bath and she told me I smelled good...
  6. Future O.R. Nurse

    Smokers in Nursing School--How Are You Treated?

    Im fessing up to being a smoker. Im still in school.. I have to tell you I am quitting... I can't stand it. What did it for me was seeing a patient barely able to breathe with pulmonary disease, dying:crying2:.. I know I have to start somewhere. I do not smoke when I am in school. I do not smoke at all during clinicals because people have allergies, it stinks and I am very self conscious about how I smell to other people. So far, I have quit smoking for most of the day. I don't even smoke inside my house. I step outside... I don't smoke around other people. Yes, smoking is a very nasty habit..So please don't take smoke breaks at the hospital and then hover over a patient:eek:that is just nasty, selfish and very inconsiderate..
  7. Future O.R. Nurse

    Advice to nursing students from a hiring manager

    Only to clarify holding a job during the first semester... I sold candy and cheesecakes to my friends restaurant and was able to keep up with some bills.. I didn't work outside the home which kept me close to my studies. That helped a lot... I truly don't think I could have worked outside my home and got good grades..I would have lost my mind. lol
  8. Future O.R. Nurse

    Advice to nursing students from a hiring manager

    I totally appreciate the vote of confidence.. It is so disheartening to see other nurses dash the hopes of anyone trying to change their lives for the better. I was told I couldnt get into nursing school because it is so competitive, I got in on my first attempt. I was told that I couldn't hold a job and pass the classes, I did. I understand where you are coming from, saying that jobs are scarce. yes they are. I believe that, but the tone on this post is that it's impossible for a NG to get a job.. Telling ME... FUTURE O.R. NURSE that I can't do something will only make me stronger and challenge that statement..My momma told me never believe anyone who tries to discourage you.. and mama was right.... so I don't believe you.... This post is all in good faith... no negative tone intended... Good Luck to anyone trying to find a job right now..
  9. Future O.R. Nurse

    Help. Is my outrage justified?

    God sure knows what He is doing.. I stumbled on this thread yesterday because I got tired of studying for my finals. Low and behold the same questions were on my final today. After reading the questions and the options given, it turns out that obesity is not a lifestyle, it can be genetic, sunbathing however is a lifestyle that can be changed by the person. It was a select all that apply question.. Something good did come out of this. Thank you for posting. BTW... I have no question that I passed my finals...:yeah: :spin:
  10. Future O.R. Nurse

    FSCJ Fall 2010 ACCEPTED

    Congratulations to all who made it to term 2. This was a grueling semester. Hopefully it gets a little easier..
  11. Future O.R. Nurse

    Advice to nursing students from a hiring manager

    I also have previous medical experience. That definitely plays a part in getting the job or not.
  12. Future O.R. Nurse

    Advice to nursing students from a hiring manager

    I think experience is what you make it. I am not so pessimistic to think I would never get a job. My goal is to be a nurse and care for people,. Even if that means a doctors office or some other healthcare setting, I am accomplishing the immediate goal. So yes, the one year clinical experience does matter. Its all in what you make of it, and how you market the experience. There is not only one strategy to getting a job, there are many.. There are also many factors that play into getting the job or not... How well do you interview, how well do you market yourself, are you willing to relocate, can you pass the psychological exam that the hospitals give.. There are so many factors... I will not let anyone kill my joy. Everyone's experience is unique.
  13. Future O.R. Nurse

    Advice to nursing students from a hiring manager

    I am glad to say that I have factored in the state of the economy when I graduate. (in 9 months) I do have previous medical experience, however, Linda is right about the market being saturated with NG's. I plan to sit for the CNA exam and work part time now that my first NS semester is over. I wouldn't dare have tried to work during the first semester.. It was grueling. Once I graduate, I have already made up my mind that I just may have to relocate. One thing I love about my program is that clinicals started 1 month into NS and continues until the week we graduate.. That provides us with a year of experience.
  14. Future O.R. Nurse

    FSCJ/FCCJ spring 2011 hopefuls

    You will get through it once you get yourself organized. Just read the packet and ask lots of questions.
  15. Future O.R. Nurse

    FSCJ Fall 2010 ACCEPTED

    There was a point and I had my own experience which I am speaking of. NOT YOURS... Please, I am not on this blog to argue with you and defend myself against you. I feel like you are stalking me just to provoke me. You are coming behind my posts and posting and being very negative. Please stop. I am just trying to help others by sharing my own experiences. I had a bad experience, found a post that helped me learn from it and I shared it with others...