Any tips on how to succeed in nursing school? Any tips on how to succeed in nursing school? | allnurses

Any tips on how to succeed in nursing school?

  1. 8 I think commitment and time management are the key to success. You have to be committed to what you want in life and you need to do it in a way that is manageable.

    What has worked for you?

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    You have to study. Every. Single. Day.

    It doesn't have to be for hours on end each day: 15 minutes here, 30 minutes there...every little bit helps.
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    Single most important key to success in nursing school is building friendships and relationships with your classmates
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    do not procrastinate! I'm doing now. I guess could count as a nursing research excuse to procrastinate.
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    keep up with your reading.

    get help early with things you don't understand

    everything they teach you will be used in one way or another -
    learn it as it's presented - so you aren't scrambling to later on top
    of new material.
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    Learn to relax, and not sweat the small stuff.
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    jaw breakers and a rosary!!!!! Seriously!


    Study a little each day, eat well, rest as much as you can, count on the support of your family/friends and have fun when you can.

    Don't count on classmates and fellow students. They are not there for you. This is not the time to be the BMOC, or top dog. They can be good resources for studying, but they are there for one thing... to succeed. Some will succeed by stomping on the rest of the classmates. Some will turn on you when you least expect it, and Some will become lifelong friends...
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    This is very true!
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    Make sure the teachers like you
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    Keep pace with the readings and be realistic about timelines. Don't wait until 10pm to do the care plan that's due at 11:59pm.

    DO NOT let classmates flake on group assignments! Hold them accountable to the same standards as you are being held. Even if they are your friends. Especially if they are your friends.

    Be honest and assess yourself from time to time. Debrief yourself in the car after clinical and think about what you'll do differently next time.

    Most importantly...find time to de-stress in it all and take care of yourself! Working yourself up into a constant lather does you no favors!
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    Practice NCLEX questions constantly from review books related to the topic you are covering in class. You will get many questions wrong but you learn the content too when you review the answers.
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    Make sure you understand basic concepts. Watch videos on concepts you don't understand before the class lecture. Practice your drugs every semester. Get help if you are starting to get into trouble.
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    Time management and organization. In my opinion, these two elements are the foundation towards success in nursing school. If I don't feel well prepared and have everything in the right place, then everything else is out of sync for me! Also, getting to class / clinical 15 minutes early, printing out power points for lectures and reading ahead have also helped me get my mind in the right place. I definitely feel more focused, confident, and ready to learn if I'm on time, know what to expect, and have the content organized