Any other students caught up in this H&R block, form 8863 fiasco?

  1. I could seriously scream. I filed my taxes through H&R block on January 22nd! Still no resolution in sight. When I use the where's my refund, it changed in the last couple of days to them not being able to give me an update. I just went ahead and filed my fafsa without linking it to the IRS. In my state, I lose money opportunities if I file later than March 1st. My kids also get financial aid for their school and that depends on my taxes. That one is due before March 1st, too. This is just a mess! Not to mention the refund that is supposed to pay off credit card debt that I'm having a couple of extra months of interest on now. (I wont say how much that is, but it's enough that I'm furious I'm LOSING money because of this.)

    I'm just venting. H&R Block has made me so angry!
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  3. by   tinks599
    You may want to try & call H&R block. We filed our taxes in February and got our refund within two weeks. I would want to verify whether there were any errors in submission, etc. I am sorry things are being delayed for you.
  4. by   ixchel
    H&R Blocked messed up this form when they transmitted it for about 600,000 customers. They left 2 answers blank. So The IRS started sending out letters saying that we need to send in these 2 answers filled in. The catch for me is that I responded immediately to get this fixed, so I probably would have had my refund sent right now but between H&R block and the IRS I think they realized that H&R block screwed up and now we're stuck in "We're fixing it" limbo. Very, VERY frustrating.

    Here is their statement about it:
    H&R Block - Form 8863
  5. by   nickyszoe
    OMG I totally am going through this right now. I start nursing school the 1st week of April and was hoping to have my refund to pay off some bills before I started, since my fulltime job will end here soon. Frustrating to say the least. I glad I saw your post makes me feel alittle bit better.
  6. by   SwampCat
    Yes, me too. Submitted Jan 29th. Accepted Feb 14th. Waiting on refund that was supposed to pay bills. I still haven't been able to transfer my IRS data into my FAFSA. Fingers crossed this doesn't mess up our financial aid for '13-14.
  7. by   ChristineN
    H&R Block totally messed up taxes too. I had to file an addendum because they were unable to claim my student deductions the first time
  8. by   Buckeyes6245
    I called H&R Block and they said as of March 12th it will take up to 4 or 6 weeks before we get them! so frustrating.
  9. by   knas22
    I'm going through the same exact thing! And can't get any consistent information. I even have a tax advocate but doesn't seem to be helping much. It's sad I have to get all my info off Facebook and a website, I will never be using hr block again!!
  10. by   Bouncyball
    I made it through ok, but ,my boyfriend got caught up in this mess. I thought you paid professionals to do this correctly, not mess t up!
  11. by   ixchel
    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got my refund today!!!!!!!!!!! My status never did change on the IRS app. I am a happy girl! If this helps as a frame of time reference, I filed on January 22nd. So perhaps in the next couple of weeks you'll see yours, too! Also use, not the app. Good luck to you all. This is such a frustrating situation.
  12. by   dawniepoo
    Glad you got yours. We are still waiting.
  13. by   Racer15
    Yep yep, I have been having issues as well. I'm done with school now and working as an RN, but it's annoying not knowing when the money's coming, especially since I filed January 30th.
  14. by   mchssrn8813
    Don't even get me started.... I will NEVER file with HR Block again. My advice: call the IRS directly with questions. I was told by HRB that since I had student credits that it an internal glitch with the IRS happened and that I would be getting a letter from them asking me to send them some documents (mind you this was one month after I filed and was promised a two week return) .you better believed called the IRS and guess what they said "no such thing"