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I'm in my second semester of nursing school. I noticed last semester I started developing major anxiety. I have never experienced this and I mean I passed my first semester not by the grades I wanted, but I think this anxiety is... Read More

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    Quote from StudentOfHealing
    I would also like to add, my friends do not understand haha. Begin to familiarize yourself with your nursing buddies... only they understand. (= Your friends will NEVER understand unless they go to nursing school ... they can only recognize and be supportive.

    okay, now I will go ... I sure do talk a storm.
    Very good advice! I also have depression and anxiety disorder. Before I was put on a good SSRI, I would have full blown panic attacks that would just come out of nowhere. It seemed like they would sneak up on me with no apparent rhyme or reason. Those are the worst! Its like an out of body experience... like being disconnected with reality. Ugh.
    I haven't had one of those in quite some time and hope I never will again.

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