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So today I took a CPR course. I'm not in NS yet, but I decided to do it ahead of time. I've made amazing grades in all my prereq courses and every single one of my science professors has praised me... Read More

  1. by   Alf2
    Quote from Heylove
    If you can't handle a little bit of banter in a BLS CPR class, how are you going to handle real criticism in nursing school?

    How are you going to respond under real pressure of a code?
    Oh Lord such an EMT mentality.
  2. by   RN-Shaw
    My whole family told me I shouldn't be a nurse. It took me years to finally decide to ignore them. My boss, coworkers, and patients confirm on a regular basis that I made the right choice. Don't let anyone tell you where you should be.
  3. by   allisonrh
    I had someone take a special interest in me at my initial CPR training class too. I am small boned, so I think she was worried I couldn't do it hard enough. Whatever, on my first day of nurse residency orientation we had to practice codes on dummies and the RN watching me said, "Wow, it's always the little ones that turn out to give really strong compressions!" It must be overcompensation
  4. by   TessLJ
    MissKay I applaud your cool-headed response, and that signals to me that you'll be able to keep a cool head in intense situations as a nurse. No one does all that well the first time they take CPR. It is certainly not expected that nursing instructors will put you down or be rude to you. What you can expect is for the instructors to challenge you to make sure you are prepared and can think on your feet. This CPR instructor did cross the line, and I hope you were able to provide feedback to their management.
  5. by   Nurse2BeCam
    That's ridiculously unprofessional. I would never return to that location for recertification. Let it roll off your back. Some people get a kick out of "having more knowledge" about a subject and make others feel like crap about it. That person shouldn't be instructing any course at all.
  6. by   Wbanks
    Sorry that happened to you. However, while you don’t know what nursing school will e like do be prepared. I did go to one- 10 years ago with the bully culture, you just have to survice. Completely different experience getting my BSN. School was wonderful and supportive of undergrad and continuing student nurses. Just depend on who is running the school.
  7. by   Lauren Ross
    Ignore ignorant people. Work hard and prove them wrong!! You have what you need to succeed. Best of luck!!
  8. by   brandiep1982
    Just... no. This is one person. And this person obviously has their own issues. Brush it off and move forward. Now... if several people are telling you this, maybe ask yourself why. It does not mean you shouldn't be a nurse, just that you could figure out what the weakness is and strengthen it. good luck in nursing school and STAY POSITIVE!
  9. by   MassNurse24
    She doesn't sound like she was a good instructor. Don't let her comments bring you down or doubt yourself.
  10. by   Saragent
    The reason you do CPR is because the person is already dead. There is no killing someone who is dead already. Maybe your instructor was the one that needs some instruction.
  11. by   FDBMath
    I wouldn't worry at all about what an instructor in a CPR course says. They don't know what you are capable of or how you will perform as an RN. The only ones that can tell you that are your instructors at nursing school, and even then, they could be wrong. I would take their criticism with a large grain of salt, be proud that you responded in a fantastic way, passed the class, and are moving towards a goal.

    As far as filing a complaint, that is up to you and worth your time if you feel strongly about it.

    Good luck!
  12. by   Wannabenurseneko
    I loved your response .
  13. by   excellentcare2017
    The CPR instructor sounded like a jerk who wished she could be a nurse. However, she can't so she have to pick on people every session to make her feel better about herself. Depends on which nursing school you goes to but most nursing school nowadays went away with the old method of you have to work hard and cry everyday to become a great nurse to a very supportive learning environment. Atleast that was my experience from nursing school and I just graduated.
    Just ignore that instructor and move on with your life.