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brandiep1982 has 15 years experience and specializes in Neuro/ ENT.

CNA for 6 years, EMT-B for 1 year, Paramedic/ Firefighter for 3 years. Left 24 hr shifts to have more kids, now starting a new career as a nurse. Graduated with my BSN May 2017, passed the NCLEX before graduation day in 75 questions. How? Studied hard in school, Kaplan. That's it. Now? Just practicing being a nurse and soaking up as much as possible.

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  1. 58 years old - Am I too old to start nursing school??

    I disagree. If this is a passion for you. DO IT! You have one life. However, I would find a way to do it that is less stressful... instead of an AT course, do a three or two year BSN (usually AT is one year BSN), or even do your ADN first. Also, you ...
  2. Already been told I shouldn't be a nurse (Rant)

    Just... no. This is one person. And this person obviously has their own issues. Brush it off and move forward. Now... if several people are telling you this, maybe ask yourself why. It does not mean you shouldn't be a nurse, just that you could figur...
  3. Starting nursing school at 37...

    Yep! I started at 32 and we have four kids. :) nothing to be embarrassed about. Life experience is valuable.
  4. Expectations being a Nursing Student

    All nursing schools are different. So my experience may be totally different than yours. I also went through nursing school with four kids (giving birth to the last one during finals week of my second semester of actual nursing courses). I made it ou...
  5. Med tech role in nursing homes

    In the state of MO CMTs can only assist LPNs and RNs with medication administration. They should never be in the position to be in charge of LPNs and RNs, that is not within their scope.
  6. Taking a CNA course.. Need Advice

    CNA courses are cake. I knew nothing whatsoever about healthcare when I took it over 13 years ago... It was incredibly easy.
  7. Help! Child/School Conflict

    Do both! Talk to both your school and the court.
  8. I'm the worst CNA they ever had

    I guess I am missing your point. Bc she works hard for the person they couldn't possibly have medical issues? Isn't that usually why people need help?
  9. Is it normal to be nervous about becoming a nurse?

    About the worst case scenarios... I am a worst case scenario thinker as well... however, the reason I think of worst case is so I can make sure I will be able to handle worst case. "If the worst case happens, will I be ok?" I think only once in my li...
  10. Is it normal to be nervous about becoming a nurse?

    Ok, fear can be good and it can be bad. First, if you let fear and worry consume you, you will end up like a deer in headlights and be smashed. You will fulfill your own fears yourself. Second, if you have fear and use it to drive you, push you, pr...
  11. I'm the worst CNA they ever had

    I find this response sad. Very sad. I hope you end your days with perfect grace and not a hint of dementia, otherwise you will likely encounter this same attitude from your caregivers.
  12. I'm the worst CNA they ever had

    Did I mis-read? Wasn't this an elderly patient? In CNA school we were taught many important things. We learned about dementia, alzheimer's disease, depression... all things that can cause a person to behave this way. Sometimes people can go many year...
  13. Results for 2016 Saint Luke's application

    WHich St Lukes are you referring to? That is a pretty common nursing school name.
  14. Am I setting myself up for failure?

    To me personally? Personally, I sit myself down. I figure out what my goals are. I map out my path to those goals. Then I fully commit to those stepping stones and get to work. Stop doubting yourself. Do what you gotta do if you really want it.
  15. High school senior for CRNA

    Yes, the school closest to me that I will be applying to some day does the doctorate.