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I read about the importance of a nursing school being accredited. Ok...does this mean it must be accredited by the NLN? If I go to a community college that is accredited but the program is not accredited by NLN, am I up the... Read More

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    Plus it makes your choices more diversed as opposed to limiting you to be able to only attend or apply for jobs in certain areas or partnership schools
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    I plan to get my degree, work a few years and move out of state. A non-accredited school isn't an option for me. I want to be able to move wherever my heart, or my husband's heart, desires. I knew this going in to my prereqs, so it wasn't a big deal. Get a 4.0, ace all tests, and get accepted into nursing school the first year (okay, it was a big deal, never mind).
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    Quote from CarryThatWeight
    Does anyone know what the situation would be if the ADN program was not accredited but the BSN program is? I graduated from an ADN program that is state BON approved, but not accredited by the NLN. However, I did my RN to BSN program at at CCNE accredited school. So far, this has not been an issue for me. Do they look more heavily at the original school of nursing, or the highest degree achieved?
    @ CarrythatWeight, please i need more information from you. Am about to graduate from a non accredited nursing program;am planning to do my RN TO BSN from a CCNE accredited school. Will the employers put much prominence on my ADN over my BSN. Thank you
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