A quiz to help you choose your nursing specialty... A quiz to help you choose your nursing specialty... | allnurses

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A quiz to help you choose your nursing specialty...

  1. 6 Recently I posted wondering how everyone chose their "specialty" in nursing, because I have no clue what I want to do yet. Surfing the net I found this site that asks questions that may help narrow things down. I think it's intended for physicians, but it has the same results. Check it out! :hatparty:

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    Thanks for the site!!!!!
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    very cool! thanks bunches!!
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    Quote from kimberleighsue
    very cool! thanks bunches!!
    no problem, i thought it was very cool too.
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    It told me emergency med, anesthesiology, or otolaryngology. Hmmm...
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    Dermatologoy, Opthamology; Otolaryngology Those are my top three choices. Guess I'm in the wrong field after all.
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    #3 for me was neonatal... exactly what I do! But the top 2 were gastroenterology and cardiology, yuck.
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    My #1 was radiation oncology, then all kinds of sugeries...

    Great site, thanks!
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    I also got radiation oncology. I was sure Id get OB/GYN
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    I got Neonatology , #2 Gastroenterology, #3 Colon and Rectal surgery:stone
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    This is an awesome test! It worked for me, my #1 was Emergency Medicine - great, because that's where I work, and where I want to stay when I get done with nursing school! #2 Medical Genetics - no way would I do that - BORING! #3 Vascular and Interventional Radiology - also interesting, because I almost went into a radiology tech program but decided on nursing.
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    Right on the money....Critical Care Medicine and ER were in my top 5 and that's where I plan to be. I began in the ICU on July 4th. OB/L&D were almost last on my list....right where they should be!!!!

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    my top 3 were #1 Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation #2 Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism #3 Neurology ??? Not what I would have thought.