Is 3rd Semester of ADN Nursing Program that Bad?

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    I started third semester of my final year for my Associated Degree in Nursing. I have been told that only half the class will finish this semester. The School has even tried to prepare us by letting us all know that we may not make it through. Is third semester really that bad? I'm scared to death that I made it this far and I won't finish.

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    I'm sure that after having gone through two semesters, you probably have heard about all the rumors for the ones you have already passed, right? So if I were you, I would ignore all of the negative comments, by both students, and instructors that may try to scare you into "shaping up." Just keep doing what you have been doing to learn as much as you can. Listen in class, read the assignments, and STUDY for the exams. You should have no trouble! Good luck. :wink2:
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  4. 2 seems all I hear are rumors about my school. I believe your first year can make or break you. You know now the kind of nursing student you are. Only you know if you can make it, and you know that you can!!! You just have to say it, and you have to believe it.
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    Yes, I have heard that nursing 3 is really hard. That's why I'm thinking of taking micro next summer instead of taking it with nursing 3. No one semester is scarying me more then the other, I'm scared period, lol. Good luck though!
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    We were told the same thing about the 3rd semester of my AAS degree and all but 2 students passed it last year...but none of them were smarter than, or wanted it more than me, so I'm just going to set my jaw and plow through it! lol
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    LOL I will tell you as soon as i get my final grade!!! have been waiting, and most likely they will only post it tomorrow
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    That's what they make it sound like at my school, at least. We have Med Surg (third semester of med surg!), peds, and psych. The instructors say that alot of people like to take, say, psych, during the summer (if they can) so that they only have the other two classes. They say it is the semester that gets alot of people.

    That being said, I know that so far, I listen to rumors and I get freaked out EVERY time. And every time, I end up doing fine, and it's almost never as bad as everyone said it would be. So, I guess we should take the rumors with a grain of salt :wink2:.
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    What school do you go to? I go to Oklahoma City Community College and we're doing Med/Surg and Psych this upcoming 3rd semester. I've heard that psych is easy and Med/Surg is pretty hard.
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    Quote from Evil Cactus
    What school do you go to? I go to Oklahoma City Community College and we're doing Med/Surg and Psych this upcoming 3rd semester. I've heard that psych is easy and Med/Surg is pretty hard.
    I'm not entirely sure if your question was aimed at me or not, but I go to Amarillo College. I don't know what exactly is supposed to make that particular semester so hard, but since it is our third semester of med-surg, maybe it is a more advanced class (I know it's not critical care - we have that our fourth semester). I've heard psych isn't too easy, either.
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    That's ridiculous. Something's wrong with the program if they're losing that many people in one semester. Either their admitting students that they know aren't up to task, or there's a problem with the curriculum.
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