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I know it is entirely too early but I wanted to get a thread going for all of you who are planning to apply for the NSP this upcoming year. I know it is becoming more and more popular and there are always questions and people... Read More

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    Quote from sonjaxlove

    I was fortunate enough to be accepted to this HRSA scholarship last August. My school is very expensive and i think the commitment is worth it. Anyone else living in the LA area who applied?
    Was it hard for u to find employment to fullfill the scholarship requirements?
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    Quote from mayahp22

    Was it hard for u to find employment to fullfill the scholarship requirements?
    I'm still in my first year of my MSN-FNP program so we will see when I get out. My friend got it too and graduated this year and is working at an LA clinic. She almost had to move somewhere she didn't want to go to, but someone she preferred finally accepted her
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    Yea that's my biggest fear is accepting the scholarship and then not finding a job within the time allotted
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    I start nursing school this spring, and I plan on applying.
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    I am looking forward to applying AND hopefull receiving it. Boy, do I NEED it!!!!
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    To all that plan on applying,

    Make sure you do!! Don't let this opportunity pass you bye. I am a recipient of the NSP and it is worth all the trouble. Get your ducks in a row now. Plan on who you are going to ask to write your two letters of recommendation. Those letters need to be top notch. The people you ask need to be excellent writers. If you don't currently do any volunteer work, START!!! There will also be a tab to upload extra info about yourself that is optional, make sure you upload all the awards, certificates or any other info that you think they should know. Many did not do that and those of us who did seemed to get the scholarship. Just remember this is a nursing scholarship where everyone applying has good grades, excellent letters of recommendation and should be able to write a decent essay. Put forth your best effort and make sure you have someone proof read your essays and go over everything 10 times before you upload it. Good luck to you all!!!!
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    Thanks for the tips! I can't wait till application time!
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    I will be applying to the scholarship as well! Although my school starts before the notifications go out. Can't wait until the application opens in March!
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    Hi Salinn

    I am also anticipating the HRSA application for the 2013-14 school year! I just wish that the notifications went out sooner but they also deal with hundreds of apps. My program begins the beginning of September but I will probably have to take out loans to cover the first semester as my school requires we figure out our financial aid during the summer. Glad to have another applicant on the thread I hope this can become a support system for all of us applying! Nice to meet you!
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    Nice to meet you too driven! What nursing school will you be going to?

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