2 yr ADN students..question on IV's and blood draws - page 3

Wow, this just dawned on me. I am starting my LPN to RN bridge program soon. I am granted the first years nursing credits due to being an LPN. So, I'll start my nursing classes at the 2nd year 1st... Read More

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    I did IV therapy in LPN school but I learned Phelbo on the job. It took approximately 5 minutes to learn ( then of course practice makes perfect.)
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    Quote from caliotter3
    I went through a BSN program to the end. We did neither IV starts or blood draws.
    This for me too!
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    We learned 2nd semester first year (beginning of the semester) and were allowed to do them in clinical after we had been signed off. I never got to because my pts always had PICC lines.

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