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Wow, this just dawned on me. I am starting my LPN to RN bridge program soon. I am granted the first years nursing credits due to being an LPN. So, I'll start my nursing classes at the 2nd year 1st semester level. My question... Read More

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    We practiced IV starts on fake arms. We weren't allowed to do them in clinicals (maybe facility policy?). We didn't learn blood draws at all, and maybe 5 minutes total on what the different vials were for. We heard "Don't worry, you'll learn it on the job." 'Course half the nurses I meet look at me funny when I tell them we weren't allowed to do even one IV start as a student.

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    Quote from CT Pixie
    My question is this...when did you learn to place iv's and draw blood?
    I was an LVN for four years when I graduated from an RN completion program last year. I never learned to start IVs or draw blood during my time in school. I still have never drawn blood through venipuncture because the lab usually does it. I have only drawn blood through PICC lines.

    Even though starting IVs is a routine skill in the facility where I work, I have only managed to start about five IVs successfully in my lifetime. If I miss it (and I usually do), I'll ask another more experienced coworker for reinforcement.
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    Quote from Hands&Feet
    ......................we could d/c them. ......
    WOW- you passed a skill test that would qualify you to be a confused elderly dementia patient.
    I have never understood the current trend in not educating students to performing venous access. This is going to be a big part of your job in most institutions. Instead you spend a few weeks playing with "Nursing Theory" or "Nursing Research"- good and useful areas of study AFTER YOU GET THE BASIC PATIENT CARE SKILLS DOWN. You will by no means get proficient at venous access as a student, but you won't be proficient at many of the skills required to be a fully competent RN. Does that mean you shouldn't be taught the skill???!!. A HS graduate can work for a home health agency drawing blood on the most difficult patients as a "phlebotomist" with a day or two inservice. I hope Nurses can master this skill with a little more effort. Hospitals that "don't allow" students to learn this as part of thier clinical education shouldn't be used as an acute care rotation for RN programs.
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    I went through a BSN program to the end. We did neither IV starts or blood draws.
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    We learned IV's/blood draws our junior year. Prior to that we weren't even allowed to touch them...
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    After reading this thread, I realize that it may behoove me to take the phlebotomy course the CC offers before actually entering the nursing program.
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    I did IV therapy in LPN school but I learned Phelbo on the job. It took approximately 5 minutes to learn ( then of course practice makes perfect.)
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    Quote from caliotter3
    I went through a BSN program to the end. We did neither IV starts or blood draws.
    This for me too!
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    We learned 2nd semester first year (beginning of the semester) and were allowed to do them in clinical after we had been signed off. I never got to because my pts always had PICC lines.

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