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Nursing school starts in 2 weeks! Who's excited?... Read More

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    I've been reading the Test Success book and it tells you how to study and how to take test for nursing school. It has been SO helpful! I hope i really love this! :spin:
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    Fundamental Success book is an awesome too!
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    19 days and counting - excited, scared, worried..........
    - I have had my fundamentals books most of the summer and have done quite a bit of reading.
    Still deciding on and gathering up the rest of the the supplies. Choosing a stethoscope, shoes, .......
    What to do with the Hair - I don't want to waste time fixing it,, nor do I want to look scary.

    Oho, and spending as much time as I can with my 10yr old son. His wellbeing while I am in school is one of my biggest concerns.
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    @milzer2012 that's funny you said something about what to do with your hair. i thought about that myself and decided to get a weave. it's way less time consuming that doing my own hair.
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    I can't wait. I only have two semesters left before I graduate and I'm ready to begin my new career. This summer has been way too long, IMO. I like being in school... I get restless and antsy when I'm not! I'm so used to being a student that it feels weird when I'm not in class.
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    I'll be in my last semester of pre-reqs! I'm really excited! Good luck everyone!
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    Our first day of class is Aug 30th. I'm excited as well as anxious! I wish I knew more about what to expect??? I really don't know much about what I'm in for. ANY advice?
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    I have a 10 yr old as well, and also a 7 yr old. One of my biggest concerns about nursing school is their well-being and trying not to make them feel neglected!