You might be a night shifter if... - page 2

You sit through 3 red lights before you realize the car in front of you is broken down, and not just stopped at the light. oops.... Read More

  1. 24
    You indulge in an adult beverage at 9am and think nothing of it.

    You have driven for 45 min and as you pull in your driveway you the heck you got there.

    You have been rudely awakened by a loud horn and someone making obcene gestures at you and you realize you feel asleep while waiting for the am rush traffic to move.
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  2. 23
    You can eat a bowl of chili and drink a beer while everyone else is having eggs and coffee.
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  3. 21
    Best. Thread. Ever.
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  4. 22
    When you find yourself laughing uncontrollably about something that at 2pm would not be that funny, but at 2am is HILARIOUS -- you might be on night shift.
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  5. 25
    You pick up a day shift and it really throws you off to start and finish work on the same calendar day.

    You go out for beers with your coworkers after a rough 7:30 am.

    When you leave at the end of your shift, you say "goodnight" 7:30 am.

    You have to restrain yourself from going off on people who refer to your sleep time as "napping."
  6. 15
    you stand patiently waiting at the elevator at 730 am. someone else walks up and actually pushes the down button.

    At 1830 on your off days you are looking for coffee
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  7. 12
    When on your drive home you worry that you will be mistakenly be pulled over for drunk driving

    When you are about to leave but you can't remember where you parked your car

    That you begrudgingly forgo an extra cup of coffee at 4-5am
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  8. 6
    On your days off you get up in the morning and only have 2 choices of restaurant at 3-5 pm for breakfast- bob evans or ihop. Maybe denny's.
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  9. 20
    People wonder why all your curtains are black.
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  10. 23
    You get frustrated when places aren't open, like the store or bank, when you get off work... because it's 7:15 AM.

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