Would phlebotomy skill be helpful to get a job as an RN?

  1. Hello there. I just passed my nclex and I am currently looking for a job, but it seems almost impossible to get a job as a new grad RN in NY. I was wondering if a phlebotomy certificate or experiences would be helpful for me to get a job. Also, would phlebotomy skill come in handy when you start to work as an RN?
    Thank you guys in advance and good luck everyone.
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  3. by   PediLove2147
    It really depends on the hospital. I know where I work it would not, we don't draw our own labs.
  4. by   SwansonRN
    Yes, go for it! Even if you don't use it at your new job it'll show interest/initiative to potential employers . Best of luck
  5. by   86toronado
    Yes. Go for it. Even if some hospitals don't have RN's drawing labs, some do, and all that I know of consider IV starts a nursing responsibility. If you are competent at drawing blood, starting an IV will be that much easier for you, and that could make you more employable, especially into a position where you do that more, ie: ER, pre-op, urgent care, etc.
  6. by   dandk1997RN
    Broken record here saying it depends on the hospital. I had 13 years phleb experience when I became an RN and I'm not allowed to use it at all as we only draw from central lines and IV starts.

    Are you in upstate NY or NYC? I'm upstate and we have tons of new grads on my floor (intermediate cardiac tele in a largely cardiac hospital.)
  7. by   sbostonRN
    I interviewed for a research position and phlebotomy was a significant component of the position. So it does depend on the position. Hospitals probably have people who will draw labs for the nurses, but in some smaller hospitals, clinics, or public health jobs, the skill is a critical component. I definitely don't think it hurts!
  8. by   Tait
    I say go for it. If nothing else it will give you confidence if you wind up in a job that requires you to draw your own blood
  9. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    I'm an ED nurse and 2 of my 3 jobs have required me to draw labs and blood gases. We don't have phlebotomists at my present job. The certificate itself isn't likely to be much help but some work experience probably would be, at least in competition with other new grad nurses.
  10. by   klone
    Even at larger hospitals that have a phlebotomy department, many don't do it during night shift, only on days. Also, phlebotomy and IV skills are very inter-related. If you become good at phlebotomy, it will make IV starts much easier.