The Wisest Thing I've Ever Heard on Allnurses ...

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    We have all heard some wise advice on Allnurses, or the perfect quote, or just "the sentence that sums it all up" for you.

    I think my favorite is this:

    "You shouldn't have to learn your (nursing) job from youtube."

    This statement was in response to a new grad who'd lost her first job, and was now trying to polish her skills - partly through youtube videos. This response just cracked me up!

    How about you? What's the wisest thing YOU'VE ever heard on Allnurses?

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    You can't fix stupid.
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    Quote from JBudd
    You can't fix stupid.
    Ain't that the truth, though!
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    I learned a lot on YouTube. Watching iv starts were helpful.
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    Yep, I am an avid YouTube watcher. Too bad my education couldn't have done the job better! Heck, my professors were actually the ones who first referred me to YouTube!!
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    I think You Tube can be a great ancillary learning resource, as long as you check the publisher...and there are plenty of legitimate organizations using it as a teaching tool.
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    I think the fact that the first things that come to mind as "wise advice" gleaned are negative comments like the ones above speak volumes about how nurses treat one another. Eat the young, indeed.
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    "Get off Allnurses and go study!" :P
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    I use youtube, my instructors recommend it as well, just as a helpful aid. Also there's some very interesting stuff on medical procedures and surgeries that are just interesting to watch. Cant say that anything stands out as the best advice I've gotten, most times I ask a question it doesnt get answered, or only gets snarky replies. Altho "Get off allnurses and go study!" should be in flashing red letters
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    Actually, I wasn't trying to learn my skills through youtube OP - it was a suggestion - a supportive suggestion -
    made to me after I lost my job during my probationary period as a new nurse. When I was in a very low
    You can't fix stupid? Wow.
    I am not stupid.
    If you are going to take the energy to make a post like this at least get the facts straight. I may
    not have the experience as a brand new nurse like seasoned nurses do, but I hope I always have the
    compassion to be supportive.
    You were once a brand new nurse too.
    And so what if I do end up watching youtube videos? At least I have the courage to dust myself off and try
    again after getting punched in the stomach. At least I am not afraid of asking for help when I need it - even
    at my lowest point. I don't ever want to be the type of person that has to lift myself up by pushing someone
    else down even lower.
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