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Why I'm Leaving the Nursing field and Nursing School

  1. 20 Hello there! I'm not looking for validation or approval, just wanted to get this off my chest and perhaps reach out there to fellow peers who might relate. I'm 35, have a BA degree in English, and made a career change to nursing 5 yrs ago b/c I love working with people & wanted to have a stable job. I've been a lpn for 5 years now and going through school and had this gnawing feeling that nursing wasn't right for me & expressed it to people around me, but was always told (by people who are not nurses), "Nursing is such a rewarding career, you'll make great $$ once you get your rn & you'll always have a job! Don't quit, you can make it through." I didn't quit, made it through lpn school, and have been very dissatisfied with my career choice.

    My 1st job I worked in a 48 bed hell hole, lost sleep became depressed, suffered through chronic panic attacks, and cried before, during, and after every shift. I cared about these patients, but there was just too many of them to really make a difference and help them, let alone give care safely - I was a med robot. I quit, landed a job in a Dr's office which was much better, but the pay was horrible. It's also a dead end job, so I got through my prereqs and quit that job to enter a lvn-rn adn bridge program.

    I get good grades, my instructors say I'm doing great in clinicals. I care about patient safety. I decided to leave nursing school in my 3rd semester adn program. I feel so relieved and at the same time sad. Relieved b/c I feel that I can no longer ignore that gut feeling I have telling me to run the other way from this field. Sad because I've invested years working and taking classes to get me to this point only to find that I really don't want anything to do with becoming a rn and I refuse to waste anymore time trying to convince myself that when I start working it'll get better, or to adjust my attitude. I've been bottling up my anxiety, crying before and after clinicals and class, tired of the sleepless nights full of dread of returning to the hospital, pretending to keep it together at clinicals isn't working for me anymore.

    The hard work, blood, guts, poop doesn't bother me. It's the stress levels, the belittling from nursing instructors, the fact that rns will take the fall for any mistakes, the rns from the hospitals at clinicals telling me that I'm crazy, to want to become a rn, the hostile environment nurses must work in, the lack of jobs for new nurses who can't even get their 1st job! There is a reason nurses get paid well - it has to do with the amount of abuse and BS they must put up with.

    At this time I'm looking for a career change. Into what, I'm not sure yet. I'll probably do lpn homecare until I can transition into something else if I don't find a job right away. Perhaps a lab assistant, pharmaceutical sales, or even working in the fashion industry, which I regret ever leaving in the first place. I'm ready to find work that makes me happy, or less miserable at the least.

    Thanks for reading
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    Well at least you figured it out before you got too deep into it. I've been a RN for 5 years and I've hated every minute of it. But I kept it to myself. I finally admitted to a family member last year that I hate it. She wasn't surprised. Figure out what you enjoy doing and try to make a career out of it. I went to school because I thought I would learn to like nursing. Deep down I knew I was making a mistake. Five years later I'm doing something about it.

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    Quote from sweetcaroline101
    There is a reason nurses get paid well - it has to do with the amount of abuse and BS they must put up with.
    I think most people will tell you there's a lot more abuse and BS than there is pay. The money certainly doesn't even start to compensate.

    Best of luck to you, wherever you end up.
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    Quote from sweetcaroline101
    Sad because I've invested years working and taking classes to get me to this point only to find that I really don't want anything to do with becoming a rn and I refuse to waste anymore time trying to convince myself that when I start working it'll get better, or to adjust my attitude.
    It is not wasted time. You've grown as a person, and you've gained confidence and determination. I hope you can find a career that you absolutely love!
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    I Hate it too, but maybe you can try other areas like Public health.
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    Take all the negatives...and add in many are not paid well. I make less than a teacher with same number of years. I would work some part of every holiday, couldn't get time off, horrible benefits and more.

    I'm glad you made this move if nursing isn't for you. There's nothing wrong with saying...this isn't for me. You made a wise choice...one many don't or won't make.

    Be proud of yourself and your wisdom.
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    It's 30 years later... one year after my ADN graduation.. I told my Pops( who paid for my degree) ..Man this stinks!

    He swore he told me to get out while the geting was good.

    I stuck it out. Many years of RN angst followed.

    I was honored to provide end of life care for him and my best friend @ the same time , no less.

    I held a well paying position during the great recession, now have my dream job.

    You have 3 semesters DOWN!

    Go for it.

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    Meh. On one hand -- you left nursing to get into fashion? Good luck with that.

    On the other hand, you left nursing. Congrats!
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    Thanks! Actually, I left the fashion industry to get into the nursing field. Live and learn, right?
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    Thanks everyone for your kind comments! It's been somewhat difficult admitting these things to myself and then following through with the actions to change things, then to admit it to family and friends. But I feel such a huge amount of relief, and that tells me I'm doing the right thing. To anyone that relates, I also hope you can find a career that you can be successful in.
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    I can relate, since I too used to work as LVN for years, and dreaded almost every minute of it. I was determined to leave nursing and went back to school and during the process of trying to figure out what I wanted to do, I came to two conclusions:

    1. I hated being an LVN with little autonomy, and my workplace that did not support nurses and quality patient care.
    2. I actually loved being a nurse and patient care.

    I returned to nursing school and now I have work that keeps me challenged and satisfied.

    It seems you have made your mind and content with your decision. I wish you luck with whatever you do, but hope you keep an open mind that it is still an option to return someday.
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    I have always said, and taught my kids, do what you love and forget about money. I think you have to listen to your gut and do what is right for you. There is no sense spending 20-40 hours a week doing something that doesn't make you happy. No paycheck is worth that. Congratulations on being honest and brave enough to go for what is really important and good luck in your new adventures!
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    There's nothing wrong with you wanting to leave nursing. Take some time to figure out what you DO want to do. Don't rush into everything. I can relate. I was a teacher feeling stuck. I loved teaching, but I was burnt out too quickly and hated waking up every morning to go to work. I was miserable and cried often. I knew I didn't want to do that job forever and deep down I knew I always wanted to be a nurse (since HS). I'm in a program now at 24.