why does medsurg nursing have to be like this? - page 3

i got off work today 2 hours past my clock out time to chart. I am so burned out. I was literally on my feet the whole entire 12 hour shift. Doing this doing that. call lights here call light... Read More

  1. by   martymoose
    Quote from mikesinger
    I really, really hope you have the guts to leave nursing and are not just venting. I work with too many nurses like you, who hate their work, who are always complaining about the patient, the family, the mean doctor, the aide who isn't helping enough or not right there so you have to get off your own behind, of the other nurses/shifts who leave you stuff to do. Your whiny type makes for a long and frustrating day. I'm betting many of your coworkers look at who is on that day and are depressed from seeing your name, especially if you're down the same hall. Please- find another job, or go work an office for some doctor. Acute care needs better people, people who don't reminisce about their GPA. Wow actual work is more than reading Beowulf, who knew.
    ***** are you in the op's shoes? I doubt it, mR holier than thou. There is no where in the op's post stating he/she sits on their butt all day. Why dont you tell us all about your current work culture- omg it must be soooo awesome to work with you...
  2. by   anotherone
    OP, i feel for you. I go through this on a daily basis. I know how to prioritize. But I still HATE when visitors and patients think I am a bad nurse because I took too long to get someone a coke.That is the type of feedback managment will get back. Not that I picked up on a slight change in another patient's assessment that led to a transfer to ICU and stat gen surg consult, which if ignored could have had a disasterous outcome. YES I was sitting at the desk, paging a doctor about something more concerning, or stat paging rt to the floor.... I guess at the end of the day you have to know that you did the right thing. You have to prioritize and the public is too ignorant to understand that.