which patients are in/out of your comfort zone? - page 3

Ok, so what kind of patients are you the most comfortable performing care, and which ones freak you out?! These dont have to be your favorite/least favorite patients (although they can be), but which... Read More

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    I'm not a fan of pregnant Pts; infants with septic workups and Pt's who can't speak English. Although the non-English speakers are usually very grateful and nice nor do they have a scene of entitlement. I just don't like calling the translator hot-line as it's time consuming.

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    I like vented and sedated pts. I like DKA pts.

    I don't do well with kids, babies, or adults who are walkie talkies.

    I recently had a pt in ICU who was downgraded to floor status and he was constantly on his call light. He wanted me to go to the vending machine for him and buy him some chips with my own money and he was on a low sodium diet.
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    Extremely attractive patients; I typically find a way to have someone else deal with them. Then egocentric and manipulative psych patients. I can handle all the rest physical and psych no worries!

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