Where to buy EKG calipers???

  1. 0 Any suggestions for a place other than a scrubs supply store where I can buy EKG calipers? I need some by Thursday and everywhere around here either doesn't carry them or is sold out...
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    Ive seen them at office supply stores.
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    wal mart. They should be in a school section; its called a Compass
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    med school or nursing school bookstore?
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    I've used my old blueprint dividers They were expensive, and I am glad to still use them.
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    I bought mine on ebay, but there is a cheaper way. You can use a alcholol prep pad to do the same thing, just use the edge of the pad as one point and make a mark with pen or pencil on it for the other point. I keep plenty on me while on the floor. Quick, cheap, and easy!
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    I got mine at the local scrub store

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