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Hi guys, I'm 19 years old currently taking prerequisites courses for the adn program in a community college, I'm developing a big passion towards taking care of patients in and out of the hospital. I volunteer at a local... Read More

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    Study harder and find a worthwhile endeavor.

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    I would tell myself to enjoy my youth more . 19 today 35 tomorrow. it goes fast . i should have taken more pictures of myself. maybe spent leas time worrying about school, socialized more.
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    Spend less time "resting" and more time having fun, working hard, and doing the things I want to do. I wasted too much time sleeping in, watching stupid movies, and even reading books - not trying to knock reading or introverted days to myself, but I wish I'd used the time to either work harder in school or spend more time doing what I love with the people I love.

    Not stress so much about whether my boyfriend is the one I'm going to marry, and if so, when and where and how. All of that will come in time, but right now growing up into my best self and encouraging him to do the same is more important.

    Get into the habit of cooking and exercising regularly. This one gets harder to pick up the longer I wait.
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    Geesh, I don't know. I still haven't grown up yet. I would say, don't be in a rush to get married. Save money. Live, love, laugh.
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    Focus on school. Stay out of relationships. Stay away from drugs and alchohol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and protect your back.
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    Not get pregnant while in school (if only I could still have had the same child ten years later!)

    Take what ever learning experiences you get to heart and pursue your education

    Start saving immeadiately and put even more away in a retirement plan

    Do NOT get trapped with credit cards

    Look into programs that will repay your school loans


    Become involved with volunteer work-it will ake you a better person

    But dont forget to be 19!!! have some fun and surround yourself with people that will enhance your life!
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    Think outside the box & be unconventional:

    1. You don't have to get married and/or have babies just because everyone else does or says you're supposed to.

    2. Travel as much as you can. I've attended the bedsides of many dying people and that us probably the #1 regret I've heard. Have sophisticated and daring international adventures.

    3. Homeownership is overrated, not the American dream it used to be, and usually ends up being a ball and chain. See #2. Don't go to your deathbed having spent your life's money on roofs and hedges and basement paint. Spend it on plane tickets, passports and seeing our amazing world.

    4. Say YES as much as possible.

    5. Never put a relationship's survival ahead of your own.
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    Pay attention to the little things. Treat your patients as you would want your family to be treated. Listen to your more experienced peers--most got their wisdom and patience from making a few mistakes. Oh--and about mistakes, you'll make at least a few--we all do! Own up to them--learn from them, they will teach you valuable lessons. If you don't know, or understand something, or something makes you nervous, ASK FOR HELP. Take the time to advance your knowledge and skills on your own, don't wait around for someone to offer. Last but not least, smile, be kind, and try to remember that the one patient that you believe is causing you to have the worst day ever, is probably not having such a great day either. I wish you luck, organizational ability, and a long, interesting career!
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    People are not looking at you, they are not noticing your bad hair day, they don't care about how your skin is breaking out now, so let go of the self-consciousness.
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    It will get better if you take the chance to make it better. Stay in school. And lastly, get a bike and leave car payments

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