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I'm not a nurse yet but based on what I've been told I would say one would have to have pretty tough skin. My mom's been a nurse since I was born and she's the toughest person I know.... Read More

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    I'm new but I have a few. I know it's been said, but I don't think it can be said too much: thick skin. Also....- Balance of self confidence and humility (you want to come off confident but not cocky) - Professionalism (sounds simple, but really ponder what it means and think of examples.)- The ability to respectfully stand up for yourself

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    I agree with the thick skin comments- it's something I have been working on. Humility is another one I think will work in your favor, especially when you have been taught to do things one way in school and then your preceptor or another nurse who has been a nurse since before you were born has a different way of doing it and would like to show you. You might go with the nurse who has had this routine down pat for years and years over a textbook. Sometimes the nurse with the least amount of letters behind their name has the most knowledge and will be a reservoir of information you can tap. Try not to have the know it all air. Your textbooks and sim labs are useless in real life land.

    Another one would friendliness. This is inspired by a new nurse to our unit- this is her first job and she came early for one of her orientation shifts, she was sitting in the breakroom and I popped in for something and I said hello, and she was really kind of curt, like her defenses were seriously up big time. She had that "don't mess with me, I'm a serious nurse!" vibe. Every time I've seen her since she just looks like she's trying to be tough and well really it just makes her look cranky. SMILE for petesake! You're on the baby unit. Or if that doesn't do it, how about, smile...you have a job.
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    Quote from OCNRN63
    Courage. Sometimes you have to take a deep breath, then go talk to that doctor who has a reputation for chewing nurses up and spitting them out. .
    THIS!! I'm not even a nurse yet but i work a lot of secretary shifts and I can't tell you how many times a day nurses hang up the phone after talking with docs and totally didn't get their point across or the doc just wouldn't hear them. I've made a mental note to "grow a pair" as I can see myself doing the same thing. Doctors are just people

    "No day but today"
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    When you read all the posts about nursing "eating their young" (no more cliches!!!) remember all the people who took the time to impart the incredible wisdom in these posts. I think Allnurses should print a date book for nurses with these quotes on the pages. You can tell how old I am just using the word "datebook." After 40 years of nursing and still working, I never felt like I made the wrong decision. I was fortunate enough at the age of 35 to inherit enough money (plus food stamps) to just cover MSN which had a lot to do with giving me staying power. At 65, I could not still be working on the floor!
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    Boundaries are huge. Everyone wants to pass off their work and problems to nursing. W are the jacks of all trades. Some nurses have the care taking/codependent gene, and let that happen. Think about the issue, is it your problem? For example, if the pharmacy can't read the doc's orders, why are they leaving it with us to get clarification?
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    If you watch 1000 Ways to Die, on Spike, and start giggling, and telling the stories to your friends- you are a nurse.
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    A desire to continue learning!

    The knowledge that you don't know everything nursing related.

    There is nothing scarier than a nurse who knows everything. Especially when that nurse is a new grad.
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    take martial arts.
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    Strong work ethic - always do your best even when no one is watching, quality of work will speak for itself.
    Learning - keep learning, must stayon top of trends, computers, knowledge is power
    perseverance - keep workikng on job until its done, willing to say and do whatever it takes to accomplish task. Be it pt care, advocacy, learning, questioning order
    Customer Service - always answer the question spoken or not. "How can i help you."
    Smile & Thank you- when in doubt smile surely they can't keep yelling at you if you smile and say thank you.

    I guess these are general traits to be sucessful in any field. but yep that summarizes me.
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    A nurse, especially a new one will have to find a way to deal with feelings of insecurity. If you use those insecure feelings to improve your performance, get inspired by the "star players" and learn from them you will be miles ahead of the nurses who handle the feeling of insecurity badly.
    You know them. They attack and criticize the star players to make themselves feel better, arrogance blocks the ability to learn.
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