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i have a decision to make, and i really don't know what to do. i thought i would put it to my fellow allnursers for advice. here it is: for the past year, i have worked as a "traveler" for a local... Read More

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    Quote from Dolce
    I would pick option #1 because I know that a long commute adds so much extra burden to a job. I have worked at jobs with a one-hour each way commute and it just wore me out. It was like working a 10 hour shift instead of an 8 hour shift. In your case that would be a 14 hour shift.
    Soooo true.... If I could work closer to home, I would do it in a heartbeat. The only problem is, the local hospital only hires RNs, and no LPNs.

    I'd go with the local hospital. You'll save money in the long run.
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    Hi Bugaloo,

    Here is my thought:
    You are very fortunate to have two such great options to choose from!! Enjoy whatever you choose.
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    [font="comic sans ms"]unless #2 offers you something you absolutely cannot pass up, #1 sounds like the better option. commuting sucks. it starts out being ok, but it wears on you after a time, especially after a 12 hour shift!
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    I agree with everyone else. Go with job #1. And #2 would understand if you decided to stay at the place where you are currently working so I'm sure that there would be no hard feelings on their part.
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    I would also say to go with the nearer hospital job that has no weekends. This sounds too good to be true. I can assure you from my own experience, a long commute wears you down and wears down your car also. Go for the job that is closer to home. It only makes sense. Good luck with whatever you choose.
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    Number one seems the obvious choice to me and then again you are not me. Be careful about getting to attached to any benefit, manager, or ways of doing things because no matter where you are no matter what you choose the one guarantee you are sure to have is that everything eventually changes.
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    Quote from bugaloo
    i worked at #2 for 6.5 years and have been gone for 2.5yrs. i left to do hh.

    at #2, i really like the clinical manager. she is great to work with. also, since i left, they have started computer charting, and i would like to learn that. also, they have really good insurance.

    #1 is so much closer to home, and i really like that. a new company just took them over, so things may improve there. they do things differently than #2, and sometimes, i am like, "huh?", but i have gotten used to that. everyone is very nice at #1 as well.

    i am seriously leaning towards #1 because i feel that i have an opportunity to make a difference towards the positive. also, no weekends!!!! sometimes, i am so tired after a 12 hr night shift, that the thought of having a long drive in front of me would really stink. also, it is in my home community, and i feel that i am making a difference in my community...it is my neighbors, friends and family that i am caring for. anything extra that we do as a health care facility reflects well on our county, and i can be a part of that.

    i really appreciate all of your responses. you do not know how helpful it has been. thanks again.
    it's easy to get attached to people, but they might not always be there. i bet you would be kind of upset if you took that job because of the manager, and then she got promoted, or left, or whatever. as for computer charting, it will be everywhere soon enough. that's the way the industry is heading, so even the little tiny hospitals won't be able to hide from it. the benefits would pretty much have to include a limo ride to and from work every day and a weekly foot massage to get me to drive that much farther, but it's really up to you. it sounds like you've made up your mind, but you feel kind of bad about backing away from #2. maybe???

    oh wait, i have an idea! you work for #2, and i'll take the job at #1!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Don't take this too flakily (is that a word? I guess it is now!)...but do you think you called facility #1 "#1" for a reason? Sounds like they're both great options, but go with your gut.
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    Here is an update on the situation: Hosp #1 said that they would match what hospital #2 offered me. Well....they didn't. I knew that they wouldn't, but the manager assured me otherwise. It ended up being $3.00 an hour difference.

    Since I was promised M-T-Th by the manager at hosp #1, I accepted their offer. I have not signed a contract stating that this was to be a set schedule. Personally, if it is not written down and signed by both parties, I don't think that "verbal promises" mean squat.

    I have tried for 3 days to reach the manager to discuss a few things with her (about my schedule, etc.) and she has not called me back. When she was recruiting me, she called me almost daily.

    I now have a bad feeling that I made the wrong decision.

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