What kills me..... (VENT)!!!

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    I'm sorry but this will be a vent. After working 13+ busy shift in the ER, I come home to log on to here and it simply kills me that NON-nurses (including those in nursing school, or taking pre-reqs, or those who have not even graduated from high school yet!) comes on here and think they know what it's like to really be a nurse.

    Oh really????

    All the "I will never be that kind of nurse" threads, but never spent one HOUR in our Dansko's......

    And the kicker? Telling how you will "handle a doctor when calling one", when yet, you have not had to actually deal with a doctor regarding direct PATIENT CARE!

    The superior-know-it-all-attitude simply kills me!

    All I can say is when SOME of you actually get into a nursing program, get through the nursing program, pass boards, be lucky enough to actually land a RN job, and then start WORKING as a licensed RN, I sure hope you are TEACHABLE! Because I can only imagine how your orientation will go, because it's simply not easy to teach people who already know it all or got all the answers, without really knowing what they don't know! And then we'll get flooded with threads about how nurses eat their young!
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    From someone who isn't even a student yet, a big THANK YOU for working so hard and taking care of everyone, I really admire nurses and the long hours they work *hug*
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    I guess knowing it all is an undocumented feature of Benner's second stage of nursing development.
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    I agree 100%!
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    I actually just posted almost this same comment in the thread you're talking about... there's nothing worse than a holier-than-thou GN. I am praying for some seriously good nursing instructors who will provide one very much needed dose of reality before graduation, as well as some profound teaching moments during the preceptorship before graduation.
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    1. Couldn't you have posted this in the actual thread instead of creating a separate one?

    2. A nursing student has an idea of how she wants to conduct his or her practice. Is that so bad? I find it refreshing instead of the blank slates who come into the field and are socialized into the some of the negative behaviors/attitudes that impact us all.

    3. So someone is idealistic. When in actual practice, he or she will learn and will adjust their worldview accordingly. It happens to all of us. In the meantime, be kind.

    experienced nurse of almost 20 years
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    As for the know-it-all GNs, I just pray their holier-than-thou attitude doesn't get someone killed.
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    If this is a place where we are supposed to be able to come vent, exchange knowledge, support eachother and generally relax, why do we have non-medical people coming in & commenting?
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    Quote from gentlegiver
    If this is a place where we are supposed to be able to come vent, exchange knowledge, support eachother and generally relax, why do we have non-medical people coming in & commenting?
    I like that non-nurses, CNAs, and nursing students are able to come here and post. There's a lot to be learned.

    That being said, I think there needs to be a closed forum where we as nurses are allowed to vent without a bunch of idiots chiming in with their "OMG u r such a bad nurse. ur supposd to love every1 and be nice and not think bad thoughts or express frustration. omg."
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    I know exactly what you mean. Some weeks ago, I posted a question asking nurses their opinion about health care rationing. Responses started to come in quickly, then the post was removed and switched to an ethics/philosopy thread, along with "Jesus" posts and the like. Response rate plummeted. Why do we need to slog through 17 million variations of the same non-nurse postings, e.g. "Question about pre-reqs, etc." when supposedly there are student threads on the site, while a legitimate question looking for actual nurse responses gets exiled into thread "Siberia"?
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