What is the fate of the new graduate RN?

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am curious what it is about new grads now that such a resistance is being met. 2 years ago a new grad got out of school and got a job just about anywhere they wanted, and it all has changed like poof what happened?

    I am no different than any other new graduate struggling to find one person to just give me a chance to prove myself. Might I say I am from the world where you work hard and how hard you work proves your ability that gains your respect that moves you into positions of stature. I have worked hard for everything and seem to be a fish out of water in this world I have entered. I do not know the perfect sentence to tell someone that will make them say that is the one for me? I am a shower, give me the oppurtunity to show you and I will prove that people can do things thought to be impossible. I am the over achiever of the over achievers. I graduated in the top of my nursing class, with all the stuff that I can show. However, it means enough to be mentioned but my achievements scream worker that works like no one you have probably ever encountered before. Getting to the top of the class at nursing school, winning 4 scholarships, and having fancy paper awards and lots of written accolades has not done what I thought it would and find me a job.

    I have always thought that hard work pays off, no fail people notice that. Umm, what happened? I do not know the magic sentence to say that will make someone go, oh she is the one for me. All answers to interview questions are programed really, except me I am honest. However, I just do not know how to say and make a person believe that I would do the best job probably not at first against experience but in the long run, surely. I have never been less than the best, or up with the greatest. I know that as a nurse its not going to happen as fast as I'd like it, but I had to work up the latter when I became the youngest manager in a fortune 500 company to suceed on a trial basis. I chose my staff based on a passion for the job, less on what you did before. I can train anyone to be great, and a blank slate is a good way to do it quickly. I had lowest staff turn over and produced the most promotions and successive managers. How do I relate the way I know how to make an impression to the world of nursing interviews and questions? If I got an oppurtunity to show, that would be all she wrote and I would have been employed by now. I really do everything the best that can with all my effort all of the time, especially when it relates to lives.

    Question 1: How do I transistion from a doing and shower, who is used to achieving through being the best and working the hardest to what did you like most about clinicals? What? What did you like least about clinicals? You haven't been a nurses aide? You haven't ever been a nurses aide? Well, if I knew to become a nurse I needed to be a nurses aide I would have passed on nursing school it was much harder to me.

    Second Questions: Why is there such a resistance against new grads now, is there just too many newbies out there? How did it go to new grads are great give em a job 2 years ago to all nurses need experience to get a job now? I need experience to get a job that I need the job to get the experience??? I can solve any puzzle, not that one? Why is it like this? Please I want to understand? I mean I have been in interviews it was like they wanted nothing to do with a new graduate, period. They told me pretty much but said they would call me to set up a time to come in and observe the floor? Why all the dishonesty, why not just say I am not interested in you? So much less painful than the email of we dont want you instead of the call you were promised?

    My generation of nurses, will only hire new grads I bet because man this is horrible. Has it always been like this in nursing, except for 2 years ago when it was cool to be a new grad? Did the seasoned and experienced nurses have to go through this tumultuous experience trying to get a person to believe in them?

    WHY DO RECRUITER's send new grads on interviews with nurse managers that want nothing to do with them? That just puts everyone in an uncomfortable not so pleasant situation. Hopes are up, disappointment sits across from you, they tell you they want experience, and then the false hope with we will call you in "x" amount of days, weeks, for the next step big smiles. Umm, we believe you? Until we get the sorry go away emails that can cause depression for days or weeks to follow.

    I wonder if I will ever get a job. I am to the point that I can wait a year, just let me have a confirmation that one day I am going to get a job at some point as an RN. Plus, what is going to happen when all the close to retirement nurses retire and now we have a bunch of new but old graduates with no experience and training from the people we need to gain information from?

    What is the reason no one wants new grads when thats all they wanted 2 years ago? Plus, with this 1 year of experience thing going on I know the nurses I know are not staying anywhere and jumping around from job to job. I mean the nurse manager that see's me and hires me has me, I am dedicated to that man/woman for my life.

    Just explain it to me? 2 years ago it was okay to train them, and now they are going here there and everywhere.

    At some point there are going to be too many graduates? We are pumping thousand of new grads out of each state each year, every few months really? I do not even know if the interviewer can remember who I was when they get done interviewing for the position 2 months later? Whats with all the new required qualifications for us but not for someone who has been a nurse for a year? How come if I have a BSN as a new graduate I might get a shot at a job, but a diploma nurse with years of experience unrelated to my education is okay to be hired but an ADN nurse is not a consideration. Or an ADN nurse with experience trumps a new graduate with a BSN. None are equivilent in any form?

    What is going to happen and what is the fate the new grad RN? Its nice to say I am an RN, and I am but am I? Is this all I will ever be?

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    I suspect that the famous 'nursing shortage' caused a glut of nurses who are under-educated and underqualified- and sadly, there are more of those nurses than capable nurses and it has caused the more experienced nurses to be jaded.
    There are too many nurses looking for jobs- they have their pick.
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    Have you spent any time looking at the changes in the economy in general in the last 2+ years? Not like nurses are the only ones looking for jobs.

    The guy who got laid off 2 years ago now has a former stay at home mom back in the nursing workforce. The retiree who thought they'd have enough to retire lost their shirt in the stock market a few years ago, so that opening is not there. The jobs that have been outsourced got other people laid off, so their SOs are not cutting back on hours- they're taken the full-time slots. LOTS of people out of work.

    Not just nurses.
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    wow long post, got at least 1/3 through ,any ways try every were, hospital, dialysis, ltc phys hospitals, i did for a long time, finally got hired at a nursing home , had a really kinda crummy position for a while ,now i love what i do , also people want some one who is teachable if you come off as knowing everything, not saying you are, they might pass
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    I think you just asked about 34 questions in one post and my brain died as a result.
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    Two years ago, in my area, was worse then it is now. The nurses were getting laid off by the boat load. Last year, there was a massive nursing strike right around the time most nursing schools graduate.

    I actually didn't read your post word for word, but I would say that from the gist of it, make sure you don't come across as trying too hard in interviews. I was not at the top of my class, I didn't have any fancy awards or scholarships... and one the ladies I graduated with who was the top of our class is volunteering her behind off at the hospital I got a job at. So in all reality, I don't think that stuff means much.

    Have you looked into different areas? (Meaning location as well as areas of nursing.) Best of luck to you, I'm sure you will find a way.
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    No nurse aid/extern experience equals no cushy hospital nursing job for you. But you can live vicariously through all your peers who are now buying new cars, going on vacations, etc. financed via their cushy ICU nights/weeks diff jobs.
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    As a nurse who graduated about 3 years ago, I can tell you that it's better now than even a year ago. stick with it, I work at a prison (never thought I'd be here!!) and love, love, love it!! Odd positions fall open
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    From the bit I read, I'd say you are pretty cocky and a turn off as a candidate. Yes, you may have all the bells and whistles....but to be honest, they're too loud- and personally, I definitely wouldn't want to work with someone like that. You make it seem as if you know it all, and quite frankly if you did you wouldn't have put up this post.
    I suggest you keep trying, but with a more humble attitude. I myself will be a new grad in December, and I know that things are not the way they used to be a few years ago. But again, look around and see all the people with educations, who were in top positions that may be bagging your groceries or taking your order- they may not like it, but I'm sure they are grateful for a job. So be grateful to have the opportunity to interview, even if it leads to nothing. Eventually you will get a job and as you say, if you know you will excel, then you will.
    I am also at the top of my class, honor society, NSNA board member, etc.-but I know I can't count on that to get me a job. Hopefully a smile and just a sincere interest to work will give me a chance, and only then will I add the fact that I have a list of acheivements.....a better reason to hire me.
    Best of luck. If you're such an acheiver then you know you will land a job
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    2 years ago, I was on this board reading that the market sucked for new grads. Still does, evidently, to a greater or lesser degree. so.... I have no idea what you're talking about "2 years ago it wasn't like this" - I had been bracing for it since my first semester of nursing school.

    I am a new grad - May '11
    I am NOT an A student, a BSN degree holder, someone with previous acute care experience as a tech or aide, but I am also not unemployed. I had a job within 90 days of graduation.

    I went where the jobs were. I was hired as a GN, right along with at least 4 others. Same unit. And only a few of us newbies on my unit are from this immediate area. Seems like most of us are NOT, myself included.

    Just saying. There is no way in hell I was going to sit around unemployed for a YEAR waiting for a job to open up at the facility down the street from my house. Some don't have that option, but I did and clearly that was enough.
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